Chairman’s Update 11-24-19

Good Evening,
The approach of the holidays means it is almost a new year, and we are doing everything possible to ensure another victory for President Trump as we get closer to the next election. The holiday season also means it is nearly time for our annual Christmas party. Please join us on December 5th at The Bluestone in Columbus to help us celebrate and gear up for 2020. You can find more information about the event here. We need all the support we can get heading into a busy year, so we hope to see you all there!
I hope you and your families all have a very happy Thanksgiving!
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Releases Report Showing that Tax Dollars Are Fueling China’s Rise
Last week, U.S. Senator Rob Portman, Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), delivered opening remarks at a bipartisan hearing entitled “Securing the U.S. Research Enterprise from China’s Talent Recruitment Plans.” In his remarks, he discussed PSI’s new bipartisan report that documents how American taxpayers have been unwittingly funding the rise of China’s economy and military over the last two decades while federal agencies have done little to stop it. At the hearing, the Federal Bureau of Investigations admitted that the agency should have taken more rapid and comprehensive action in addressing China’s strategic plan to acquire knowledge and intellectual property from researchers, scientists, and the U.S. private sector through their talent recruitment programs.
To learn more, read Senator Portman’s column here, or read the Cleveland Plan Dealer’s article “China recruits researchers to steal U.S. technology, says report from Sen. Rob Portman” here.
Governor DeWine Announces Statewide Launch of Ohio – Ready, Test, Drive!
On Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced the launch of a statewide virtual driver assessment program that will better equip Ohio’s new drivers with critical skills to safely navigate the roads.
Governor DeWine’s “Ohio – Ready, Test, Drive!” program will install 400 customized virtual driving assessment systems in Ohio’s 57 driver examination locations, as well as in many of Ohio’s driver training schools. The free virtual driving systems will scientifically examine student driver preparedness and help Ohio make data-driven improvements to its overall driver’s education curriculum.
Click here to learn more.
Lt. Governor Husted Deploys New Technology Tool
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced that his team at InnovateOhio discovered a problem in the state’s payment system that could result in some bills being paid twice. The problem has existed for some time and many claim there is an “industry standard” for duplicate payments. Lt. Governor Husted deployed a new technology tool this week that will automatically catch duplicate payments and deliver a report to budget staff so they can attempt to recover the money paid in error. So far, the new InnovateOhio tool has already uncovered over $100,000 that the state can work get back for taxpayers.
This is in addition to an exciting announcement the Lt. Governor made with Treasurer Sprague that will save taxpayers over $900,000 a year, which you can read about below.
Yost Announces Drug Bust of 59 Suspects
Attorney General Dave Yost announced the success of a large-scale undercover drug task force operation that took down 59 individuals in major drug trafficking organizations last week. The investigation netted 95 ounces of methamphetamine and 109 doses of hydrocodone as well as cocaine, fentanyl, heroin and suboxone. Eight stolen firearms were also seized. The U.S. 23 Major Drug Crime Task Force, part of the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission (OOCIC), rooted out drug trafficking in southern Ohio.
“These drug busts were the equivalent of organized crime rings you’d see in the movies, not only taking profits, but taking lives,” Yost said.
The undercover effort encompassed the sheriff’s offices of Ross, Pickaway and Fayette counties, and the AG’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation and OOCIC offices.
Secretary LaRose Says Business is Booming in Ohio
This week, Secretary LaRose announced another record breaking month for new business filings. LaRose joined boxing legend Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini’s podcast to explain why Ohio is ideal to start and grow new businesses.
“Ohio has a great balance,” said LaRose. “What you have here is a good quality of life with a low cost of living.”
Watch the full segment here.
Auditor Keith Faber Announces Transparency Initiative 
This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber announced a new initiative from his office to increase government transparency. The StaRs program will require every government in the state of Ohio to be audited each year to ensure that they are complying with Ohio’s sunshine and public records laws. Those governments that fail to comply with the law will receive 0 stars, while those complying and going above and beyond to be transparent with the public will receive 1-4 stars. Click here to learn more.
Treasurer Sprague, Lt. Gov. Husted Announce New Partnership
On Wednesday, Treasurer Robert Sprague and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced an exciting new partnership to ensure remains an accessible, valued resource for years to come.
The joint initiative will see new efficiencies and cost-savings realized by leveraging more robust data management systems. Duplication will also be drastically reduced as state spending data featured on will be merged and aligned with the existing Ohio Interactive Budget website offered by the Office of Budget and Management, allowing for more expedient reporting of such data.
“The Ohio Checkbook empowers taxpayers and local governments by putting transparency at their fingertips,” said Treasurer Sprague. “The Treasurer’s office is committed to growing into the future and ensuring it’s as cutting-edge as ever before.”
Five years since its launch, continues to garner the interest of those hoping to learn more about how local and state tax dollars are spent. Today, more than 1,150 local government entities feature their financial data on
Read more here.
Justice Sharon Kennedy Earns Endorsement from the Buckeye Firearms Association
Last week, the Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) took an unprecedented step and endorsed Justice Sharon Kennedy’s candidacy for re-election as Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
When asked about the endorsement Justice Kennedy said, “While this endorsement is important to me as a shooting enthusiast, it means much more than that. To me this endorsement signifies the recognition that I am a candidate that adheres to the judicial philosophy of judicial restraint. To follow the language of the United States and Ohio Constitutions and the language of the statutes as they are written, not rewrite them or legislate from the bench. Thank you BFA for your faith and trust.”
Justice French has some of the cutest fans!
Justice French visited 7 counties in the past week including stops in Toledo, Cincinnati, Youngstown and Cleveland. She was also honored to participate in mPower: The Mortgage Brokers Association Promoting Opportunities for Women to Extend their Reach.
Judi was also featured in an article in Attorney At Law titled “Justice Judi French; Becoming a Servant Leader”

Chairman’s Update 11-17-19

Good Evening,
Last week’s public impeachment hearings have only solidified the partisan and political nature of the constant attacks on President Trump. Democrats aren’t holding these hearings for the benefit of Americans, their one-track minds have wanted to oust the president at any cost since the day he was elected. Voters see through this deception and the Democrats will have their constituents to answer to at the ballot box next year. We are confident that it will be another resounding Trump victory.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Senator Portman Honors America’s Veterans on Veterans Day
Last week, in honor of Veterans Day, Senator Portman participated in two events honoring America’s veterans. In the morning, Portman delivered remarks at the Blue Ash Veterans Day Ceremony in Southwest Ohio. Following that ceremony, Portman honored veterans during the National Veterans Memorial and Museum’s ceremony in Columbus.
A video highlighting his Veterans Day remarks can be found here.
Governor DeWine Visits Toledo to Unveil H2Ohio Programs.
On Thursday, Governor DeWine unveiled H2Ohio, a comprehensive, data-driven water quality plan to reduce harmful algal blooms, improve wastewater infrastructure, and prevent lead contamination. The plan works collaboratively with farmers and communities to provide funds for farming programs, wetlands, and other initiatives which will help reduce runoff and protect Ohio’s natural resources. More information about the plan can be found at
Lt. Governor Husted Honors Nation’s Veterans
Last week, Lt. Governor Husted honored our nation’s veterans at a ceremony in Wilmington, Ohio at Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services. The company places a high priority on hiring former service members and their families, and the annual event honors their service. The Lt. Governor also traveled to Dayton for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center “Pitch Day” event where he provided opening remarks about how Ohio is working to support innovative employers and programs across the state. The programs gives companies the chance to pitch their services to support the Air Force.
Body Armor Grants from Yost’s Office Put to Use in Butler County
Body armor grants administered by Attorney General Dave Yost’s office are helping to protect the lives of Ohio’s peace officers, including Butler County’s MetroParks rangers. Last week, the Journal News highlighted a $4,393 grant from the Ohio Law Enforcement Body Armor Program that outfitted rangers patrolling Butler County’s MetroParks with new armor.
The grant program, started under Gov. Mike DeWine, is administered by the Attorney General’s office and funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
“Our local cops continue to protect us from danger day in and day out; now this support for them will continue as well,” Yost said about the grant program. “I’m proud to see that these grants are helping to protect officers in every corner of our state. It’s a meaningful way to show our profound thanks for all they do.”
Secretary LaRose Commended for Transparency
RealClearPolitics conducted their own review of Ohio’s effort to maintain accurate voter rolls, clearing up misinformation propagated by the New York Times and others. In the article, Secretary LaRose is commended for effectively implementing a transparent process that served as both strong policy and good politics.
“No other states yet have a process for cleaning up voter rolls as transparent as Ohio’s – at least not yet.” — Mark Hemingway, RealClearPolitics
Read the full article here.
Auditor Keith Faber Meets with County Treasurers from Around the State 
Auditor of State Keith Faber met with County Treasurers from around Ohio this week at their annual conference. Auditor Faber emphasized how more efficient, effective, and transparent government, at all levels, helps save taxpayers money and reduce waste, fraud, and abuse. He outlined a new initiative by his office to audit compliance with public records laws every year, to ensure that governments are being open with citizens.
Treasurer Sprague Hosts Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick
On Wednesday, Treasurer Robert Sprague played host to Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick. Each being former state legislators in their first year as statewide officeholders, the pair discussed the various issues facing their states and how the Treasurers’ offices are well-positioned to make a difference. Government transparency and the STABLE account program were among a series of topics discussed throughout the afternoon.
Justice Sharon Kennedy Joins Ohio Retail Merchants for Panel Discussion
On Tuesday, Justice Sharon Kennedy participated in a panel discussion at the Ohio Council of Retail Merchant’s Annual Luncheon. Discussing the rule of law and the significant role it plays in economic freedom she emphasized how the rule of law effects property rights. From interpreting the terms of a contract to interpreting statutes that affect industry, the rule of law and its fair and impartial interpretation is critically important to all Ohioans she said. As such, the judicial philosophy of a candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio is paramount. Justice Kennedy then explained this is why judges should limit the exercise of their own power and apply the judicial interpretation theory of judicial restraint.
Justice French has some of the cutest fans!
Justice French visited her 88th County this past week, completing four trips around Ohio since she took office seven years ago. In just the past three months she’s logged 12,000 miles on her car while visiting 38 counties and spending up to 6 days a week on the road.
She’s planning on visiting all 88 again during the next twelve months and is committed to not taking any votes for granted.

Chairman’s Update 11-10-19

Good Evening,
Last week, we saw Republicans across the state win some great races. Republican incumbents in Hamilton, Lucas, Franklin and Cuyahoga counties nearly swept seats in urban county judicial races. Five candidates in those counties won re-election in districts that voted overwhelmingly for Democrats at the top-of-the-ticket in both 2016 and 2018. We even saw success in the suburbs, which the Democrats like to say have become liberal strongholds, within Hamilton County.
Now that the 2019 election is behind us, it’s time to really gear up for 2020. The support for President Trump is clearly palpable across Ohio and the country as a whole. I am confident the enthusiasm of our voters will lead to another Trump victory and I’m excited to ramp up our efforts to get there. Let’s continue to work hard to ensure we get another four great years of President Trump’s leadership.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Visits Youngstown Air Force Reserve Station, Discusses Current Wing Mission with Commander
On Friday, U.S. Senator Rob Portman met with the Youngstown Air Force Reserve Station (YARS) Commander Colonel Joseph Janik, members of the Wing Command and representatives from the Eastern Ohio Military Affairs Commission to discuss the importance of YARS to the Youngstown community and to our country. The focus of their discussion was on the current Wing mission, potential for upgrades to the C-130 fleet and future vision of the aerial spray mission.
Governor DeWine Honors 20 at Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
On Thursday, Governor DeWine attended the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. There were 20 Ohio veterans inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame Class. Those selected for induction were Ohio veterans who have honorably served their country through military service, and have continued to serve, and inspire fellow Ohioans with their deeds, and accomplishments throughout their lifetime.
Husted Tours Southeast Ohio, Promotes Economic Development
Last week, Lt. Governor Husted spent an entire day traveling Southeast Ohio, promoting workforce, economic development and investments in infrastructure. The Lt. Governor celebrated Apprenticeship Day with students at the Tri-County Career Center, offered the keynote address at the Impact Ohio Southeast Regional Conference, and traveled to the University of Rio Grande for an announcement about rural broadband expansion in the area. Lt. Governor Husted’s InnovateOhio continues to lead efforts to draft a statewide broadband expansion strategy for Ohio.
AG Yost, Lawmakers Unveil New Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking
Attorney General Dave Yost joined members of the Ohio House and Senate last week to unveil major legislative initiatives in the fight against human trafficking. The proposed legislation would separate the buying and selling of sex in Ohio into different criminal offenses, establish a new criminal offense for knowingly receiving proceeds from a prostitute, and create a public registry for arrests of johns, pimps and traffickers.
“Our goal is to reduce the demand and in return rescue victims from this modern-day slavery,” Yost said. “Making that a reality starts by unmasking and penalizing those who buy sex or profit from human trafficking.”
Sen. Tim Schaffer is sponsoring legislation in the Senate, while Reps. Jena Powell, Rick Carfagna and Cindy Abrams are sponsoring bills in the House.
LaRose Oversees Successful November Election
This week, Secretary of State Frank LaRose oversaw his first general election as the state’s Chief Elections Officer.
“Another successful election is in the books. About 35,000 poll workers helped Ohioans vote at nearly 3,700 polling locations on the issues & candidates that will be impacting their communities,” said LaRose. “I want to thank each and every election official for the long hours and dedication to civic duty. As the world turns its eyes to Ohio in 2020, we’ll utilize the lessons we’ve learned this year to continue running the secure, accurate, and accessible elections Ohioans deserve.”
This election saw new voting machines being utilized in many of Ohio’s counties and served as a test of Ohio’s readiness for the 2020 election.
Auditor Faber Talks Cyber Security 
Auditor of State Keith Faber was in Sidney this week talking to business and community leaders about the threats posed by cyber terrorists. As he has traveled the state, Auditor Faber has heard from local government officials that every day attempts are made to steal money or information. Most of these attempts fail because of sound internal controls. Auditor Faber reminded everyone present to test their cybersecurity systems and their backups to prepare for a possible attack.
Treasurer Sprague Announces Effort to Help Families Navigate the Adoption Process
On Wednesday, Treasurer Robert Sprague held a Statehouse press conference to announce his new Family Forward initiative. Under the plan, prospective parents seeking to adopt may qualify for reduced interest rate loans to help them in managing the expenses associated with the adoption process.
“Across Ohio, there are families wishing to open their hearts and homes through adoption,” said Treasurer Sprague. “But the financial barriers they face are daunting and enough to deter even the most compassionate of prospective parents. Through Family Forward, we hope to chip away at these financial stressors and provide families with much needed relief.”
State Rep. Jon Cross (R-Kenton), who joined Treasurer Sprague at the press conference, will soon introduce legislation to make Family Forward a reality.
More information:

Chairman’s Update 11-3-19

Good Evening,
Last Thursday, the Democrats held an impeachment vote. It was nothing more than a sham and they should be ashamed they have allowed it to continue for this long. Whether the Democrats ever accept the results of the 2016 election or not, we know our supporters are fired up and ready to re-elect President Trump in 2020.
Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the Belmont County Republican Party’s fall dinner. It was a great night and I was excited to see all the local support. One thing I made sure to mention is how important it is to get involved, especially at the state level. The Ohio Supreme Court is at stake and we must all work together to re-elect Justices French and Kennedy next year.
Lastly, Tuesday is Election Day so make sure you head to the polls if you haven’t participated in early voting.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Applauds Trump Administration Announcement of Drug Free Communities Grants to Combat the Drug Crisis 
Last week, U.S. Senator Rob Portman welcomed the announcement of Drug Free Communities (DFC) grant recipients, both new and continuation, in the state of Ohio. In 1997, Portman authored the Drug-Free Communities Act, which supports evidence-based, community-oriented drug prevention programs.
The Drug-Free Communities Act is designed to be optimally effective and accountable by capping the amount spent on administrative and overhead expenses, requiring all coalitions that receive grants to have experience in drug abuse prevention, and to match federal funding with local funds. No other drug prevention program has achieved the same reduction in youth drug use that has been achieved consistently by the DFC program.
The grant awards can be found at this link.
Governor DeWine Keynotes Conferences on Higher Education and Aging
On Wednesday, Governor DeWine delivered remarks at the Ohio Department of Higher Education’s annual Trustees Conference. More than 200 university and community college presidents, trustees, administrators, and leaders from Ohio’s public two-year and four-year colleges and universities attended. On Thursday, Governor DeWine attended the Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging Conference. This was a two- day conference attended by more than 450 social workers, nurses, professionals, advocates, and volunteers, representing the area agencies on aging, service providers, and others in the aging and disability network.
Husted Announces Job Creation in Cleveland, S.E. Ohio
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted traveled to London, England to finalize a deal with the London Stock Exchange to secure Cleveland, Ohio as the new home of their ELITE Program’s headquarters in the Americas. As part of the trip, the Lt. Governor also announced the creation of 100 new jobs in Ohio and an expanded partnership to help drive capital and investment into our state to create jobs. To celebrate the expanded business connections, the Lt. Governor was invited to open the London Stock Exchange.
AG Yost Sends $1.3 Million to Local Drug Abuse Response Teams
Attorney General Dave Yost recently sent $1.3 million in grants to local Drug Abuse Response Teams, which address drug addictions and overdoses within Ohio communities. The Drug Abuse Response Team Grant Program is reimbursing some of the personnel and other costs for local law enforcement and government agency teams that respond to overdoses and other effects of the opioid epidemic.
“When an overdose tears the fabric of our communities, these are the people that begin the mending,” Yost said. “They bring the first principle of compassion to the first response.”
The grant program, which began in 2017, is administered by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. You can see which agencies in your community received grants through an interactive map here.
LaRose Highlights Early Voting
This week, Secretary LaRose and his wife Lauren highlighted how easy and convenient voting is in Ohio by participating in early voting for the November Election.
Reminder: Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th and polls are open from 6:30am – 7:30pm. Visit to find your polling location.
Auditor Faber Rallies Voters in Zanesville 
Auditor of State Keith Faber was in Zanesville this week supporting local candidates for office and meeting with local government officials. With the election just 2 days away, Auditor Faber has been reminding voters all across the state to turn out for our Republican officeholders.
Treasurer Sprague Announces Another STABLE Milestone
On Friday, Treasurer Robert Sprague announced that the STABLE program has surpassed $100 million in total contributions since it was launched in 2016. STABLE accounts are specialized investment accounts that allow individuals living with disabilities to save and invest money without losing eligibility for programs like Medicaid or SSI.
“This $100 million mark signifies so much more than a dollar amount,” said Treasurer Sprague. “For our STABLE account holders, this means peace of mind. With the STABLE program, people with disabilities are now more easily able to join the workforce and save what they earn. They’re able to plan for their futures and live more independently. That kind of security is more than worth its weight in gold.”
Earlier this year, Treasurer Sprague announced that more than 10,000 individuals had opened STABLE Accounts. That number continues to grow, and today there are nearly 13,500 people with active STABLE Accounts
Read more here.