Chairman’s Update 1-26-2020

Good Evening,
Last week, I had a very productive time visiting Florida for the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting. The committee approved plans to dispatch an additional 300 field staffers to 18 states as Republicans across the country gear up for November’s election. Volunteers and staff in Ohio and other key states are already doing great work, and this approval only means outreach will continue to grow to ensure another Trump victory.
On Friday, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announced that more than 27,000 non-farm jobs were added in 2019. Confidence in our economy has not been this high since 2000, and it’s all thanks to President Trump’s leadership.
ICYMI: I wrote an Op-Ed defending President Trump as he faces continued impeachment scrutiny. You can find it here.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Visited the National Aviation Heritage Area in Dayton
Last week, Senator Portman visited Dayton’s National Aviation Heritage Area (NAHA) where he participated in a roundtable discussion highlighting the passage of his legislation to reauthorize funding for Dayton’s NAHA through September 30, 2022. NAHA spans eight counties throughout western Ohio, with a large presence in Dayton, the home of the Wright Brothers. There are a variety of cultural sites within the NAHA, including the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Park, Armstrong Air and Space Museum, Paul Laurence Dunbar State Memorial, Huffman Prairie Flying Field, and Grimes Flying Field, as well as resources related to the Wright Brothers. After the discussion, Portman toured the National Park.
Governor DeWine Meets with True Lure to Highlight Outdoors Activities for Veterans and Disabled Children; State Job Numbers Continue to Grow
On Thursday, Governor DeWine met with True Lure, Inc., an organization who gives both veterans and children living with disabilities opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, such as fishing. State Representative Brian Baldridge (R-Winchester) as well as several cabinet directors joined the event, pictured below.
On Friday, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services released new employment data that shows continued job growth under the Republican Leadership of Governor DeWine and President Trump. Ohio added more than 27,000 non-farm jobs in 2019, including more than 9800 in December. The percentage of unemployed Ohioans remains 4.2%, which is a significant .4% decrease from a year ago.
Lt. Gov. Husted Announces Launch of Industry Sector Partnership Grant Program
On Thursday, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the launch of the Industry Sector Partnership grant program at the Dayton Business Journal’s 2020 Economic Forum. Industry Sector Partnerships are designed to develop workforce strategies specific to the various regions around the state, with the goal of driving collaboration between local businesses, education and training providers, and community stakeholders.
Dave Yost Seeks Refunds in Consumer Protection Lawsuit
Attorney General Dave Yost announced he is taking a Montgomery County roofing contractor to court last week for allegedly cheating homeowners out of thousands of dollars. Some customers were ripped off in the wake of the 2019 Dayton Memorial Day storms.
“This guy deceived trusting clients who just needed a solid roof over their heads,” Yost said. “We’re going to court to get their money back and to hold him accountable.”
The lawsuit seeks reimbursements from Brandon Valandingham, owner of Buckeye Storm Solutions LLC, and the payment of civil penalties. Yost suggested customers help protect themselves from fraud by checking for complaints against contractors with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and Better Business Bureau.
LaRose Bolsters Office Cybersecurity with Hiring of New Chief Information Security Officer
This week, Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced Sean M. McAfee as the new Chief Information Security Officer for the Ohio Secretary of State’s office. LaRose has made cyber security a top priority leading up to the 2020 election and this hire adds to a long list of new security measures that make Ohio a leader in the nation.
“Sean comes to us from United States Department of Homeland Security where up until recently he has been doing work internationally,” said LaRose. “This is an individual who has worked all over the globe but we are bringing him back home.”
McAfee will not only work to enhance cybersecurity efforts at the state level, but will support work in all 88 counties.
Auditor of State Keith Faber Meets with CEO of Cleveland Schools
Auditor of State Keith Faber sat down with Eric Gordon, CEO of Cleveland City Schools, this week to discuss how his office can help the district and the students maximize their potential. Auditor Faber has stressed the importance of meeting with local stakeholders to ensure that as he’s fighting to make government more efficient, effective, and transparent, that his office is improving their operations as well.
Sprague Addresses NFIB’s Leadership Council
On Wednesday, Treasurer Sprague was in Columbus speaking to the National Federation of Independent Business’ (NFIB) Leadership Council as part of the organization’s quarterly meeting. During his remarks, Sprague provided an update on the Treasurer’s office, including its work related to the ResultsOHIO and STABLE Account programs, as well as other ways the office is collaborating with businesses across the Buckeye State.
Justice Kennedy Addresses the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Recipients
On Monday, Justice Kennedy participated in the 26th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Prayer Breakfast, in Zanesville. Her salute to the scholarship recipients addressed, as seen through the eyes of Dr. King, the purpose of education and life’s blueprint.
Dr. Kingbelieved that education serves a dual purpose in life; utility and culture. True education has a goal of intelligence, plus character, according to Dr. King. Moreover, Dr. King believed that there are three primary aspects to life’s blueprint: to believe in your own dignity; to do well in whatever you seek to do; and lastly, to be committed to “the eternal principles of beauty, love, and justice.”
“As we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King, we also take this moment to celebrate each of the scholarship recipients,” said Justice Kennedy. “We celebrate your life and its potential and know that for each of you there are no ceilings in your life, only floors to walk across and stairs to climb to achieve your own American Dream.”
Justice French Visits 8 Ohio Counties
At several of the stops she had an opportunity to visit local courthouses and discuss the need for additional legal aid in these areas. This issue is one that Judi is passionate about and she was pleased to be able to discuss it further with the local news:
Judi also met with the Lima News to discuss legal aid and her campaign for the Ohio Supreme Court:

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on the March for Life

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken
on the March for Life
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding the March for Life:
“Today, hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans are making their voices known at the March for Life in our nation’s capital. President Trump will be the first president to ever attend the march, putting people above politics and choosing to show his supporters he truly stands for what he says – in this case the sanctity of human life. We are proud to have a president who boldly stands up for the most vulnerable among us. For President Trump to give more visibility to an already high-profile movement allows conservative values to shine, and we look forward to another four years with our pro-life president.”
For Press Inquiries contact: ORP Communications Director Evan Machan at 513-262-4501 or [email protected]

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken
on Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day:
“As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and all he accomplished throughout his life, we reflect on what a remarkable leader he was during a divisive time in our country’s history. Committed to strength through peaceful action, he still inspires Americans more than 50 years after his death. A true altruist, Dr. King once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” As we honor his legacy and work towards a future in which every person pursues their own American Dream, we should remember Dr. King and this sentiment always, but especially today.”
For Press Inquiries contact: ORP Communications Director Evan Machan at 513-262-4501 or [email protected]

Chairman’s Update 1-19-2020

Good Evening,
Between the Senate passage of the USMCA trade deal and the president’s signing of a new phase one trade agreement with China, it has truly been a remarkable week. The USMCA will make our country’s booming economy even stronger, and will bring more than 176,000 new jobs to the country. China has pledged to purchase at least $200 billion in American products and services over the next two years, and the agreement is proof the president is committed to fighting for all American workers. President Trump has never let the Democrats stand in the way of his goals, and this week has truly been a big win for him, Republicans, and Americans across the country.
Tomorrow, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and all he accomplished throughout his life. He was an extraordinary leader, who always advocated for peace, during a divisive time in our country’s history. His legacy will always be remembered.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Senator Portman Highlights Trade Victories, Participates in Workforce Discussion at Warren County Manufacturer
Last Friday, Senator Rob Portman participated in a workforce roundtable discussion hosted by the United Way of Warren County at Fecon, a manufacturer of vegetation management machinery. Otherparticipants included students who have got through their program, and local employers and employees. The discussion highlighted expanding access to workforce skills training and how Portman’s bipartisan JOBS Act legislation will help more Ohioans get the skills and training they need to find in-demand jobs. In addition, the discussion covered the economic benefits of two trade agreements: the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) Trade Agreement, which passed the Senate this week, and the phase one trade agreement with China signed by President Trump this last week.
Governor DeWine, Secretary Carson Tout Grant’s to Combat Homelessness
On Tuesday, Governor DeWine was joined by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson to announce federal grants to help end homelessness throughout Ohio. They toured Huckleberry House with Congressman Steve Stivers to discuss the various programs offered to support at-risk and homeless youth.
Hasted Gives Keynote Address for Ohio State Highway Patrol’s 166th Cadet Graduation Ceremony
On Friday, Lt. Governor Jon Husted provided the keynote address for the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s 166th Cadet Graduation Ceremony. The Lt. Governor joined others in recognizing the 42 cadets for completing 30 weeks of intense training at the Academy. Each of the graduates will report to their posts on Sunday, January 19, 2020.
“It was a distinct honor to help recognize the 42 cadets graduating from the Academy today as they commit to living a life of service with respect,” said Lt. Gov. Husted. “Joining the Ohio State Highway Patrol requires a commitment to service in every sense of the word, and I commend the men and women of the 166th graduating class for their dedication and perseverance.”
A Look Back at AG Dave Yost’s First Year in Office
Last week marked one year since Dave Yost took the oath of office to serve as Ohio’s attorney general, pledging to protect the unprotected, and fight for justice and equal treatment under the law.
Here is a review of some of the first-year accomplishments from Yost’s administration:
· Rethinking the Opioid Battle: Yost rolled out two scientific initiatives in the fight against drug addiction, and led a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general in urging Congress to permanently classify fentanyl-related substances as Schedule I drugs.
· Protecting Consumers: Yost filed numerous lawsuits against bad actors, and launched an online tool for consumers to avoid hiring “bad apple” contractors.
· Battling Human Trafficking: Yost hosted an inaugural human trafficking summit earlier this month, and has worked with law enforcement agencies to conduct undercover human trafficking stings.
· Supporting Law Enforcement: Last year, the Attorney General’s Office awarded more than $2.7 million to 324 police agencies across Ohio to purchase body armor vests, and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation assisted with crime lab testing for local law enforcement agencies.
Title: LaRose Touts Ohio’s Preparedness at National Elections Conference
This week, Secretary LaRose joined the Michigan Secretary of State and national elections experts at the US Election Assistance Commission’s 2020 Election Conference in D.C. The panel focused on issues faced by election officials as they prepare for the expected high turnout in the 2020 elections, including strategies for resource allocation and avoiding long lines at the polls. LaRose discussed the innovative ways Ohio is a national leader in elections.
“For us, we are fully focused on making sure Ohio will be ready and is ready when the eyes of the world are on us,” said LaRose.
Watch the full panel discussion here.
Auditor Keith Faber Talks Performance Audits
Auditor of State Keith Faber was in Columbus to talk about the results of his office’s performance audit of the Ohio Department of Transportation. The audit showed over $21 million in savings for taxpayers and an additional $20 – $40 million in cost avoidance. Auditor Faber’s office is beginning Phase 2 of the performance audit which he hopes will find more ways to make government more efficient, effective, and transparent. Watch the full interview here.
Sprague Announces Compass Award Program to Recognize Excellence in Financial Literacy
On Wednesday, Treasurer Robert Sprague unveiled the Compass Awards, a new monthly recognition program aimed at highlighting organizations and individuals across Ohio who are advancing financial literacy and empowerment.
“Throughout Ohio, there are people and organizations moving the needle in the financial literacy space,” said Treasurer Sprague. “The Compass Awards will honor their work and highlight the success they have had in helping others to navigate their way to a bright financial future.”
Sprague added that honorees will have a proven track record in preparing young people to make wise financial decisions later in life. Ohio’s eight independent chapters of Junior Achievement earned recognition as the inaugural Compass Award honorees.
Read more here.
Justice Kennedy Delivers Keynote Address to Independent Insurance Agents Association of Dayton
After swinging through Northeast Ohio, Justice Kennedy returned home to campaign in Southwest Ohio. In between meetings and campaign stops – she addressed the Independent Insurance Agents Association of Dayton (IIAD).
“To look at us – one might think that we have nothing in common, but the truth is – we are all inextricably connected,” Kennedy said. “The rule of law and its fair and impartial application is critical to economic growth and how we – members of the judiciary – embrace our role in this tripartite system of government is critical to the process,” she explained.
Justice Kennedy then discussed how the judicial philosophy of judicial restraint – interpreting the law, not rewriting it or legislating from the bench – is critically important to an enduring Republic and the rule of law. In closing Kennedy said, “The stability and predictability of the law is key to a flourishing Ohio. As members of IIAD it is important for you to add your voice to the conversation. You decide whether you will have judicial activism or judicial restraint with your vote.”
Justice French Educates the Public About the Importance of the Ohio Supreme Court
Judi made several stops this week to educate the public about the work and importance of the Ohio Supreme Court. She visited the OSU Moritz Law School Republicans, the Chesterland Rotary, lawyers in Dayton, and via recorded interview, Republicans in Putnam County.
Justice French has a passion for access to justice. She spent part of her week in discussions about medical-legal partnerships and the work University Hospitals to provide medical and legal care to the underserved in Cleveland.

Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan Regarding Senate Vote on USMCA Trade Deal

Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan
Regarding Senate Vote on USMCA Trade Deal
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Evan Machan released the following statement regarding the Senate passage of the USMCA trade deal:
“Today, the Senate passed the USMCA trade agreement. Along with the phase one China deal, this marks another landmark treaty Americans will benefit from. This ensures Ohio farmers maintain their access to important soybean, pork, corn, wheat and dairy markets in Canada and Mexico, but levels the playing field for our workers and farmers to prevent trade relationships from becoming lopsided. This deal should have been passed months ago, but Democrats like Nancy Pelosi refused to put the American people first. President Trump has shown Americans he will fight for them despite the adversity he continuously faces in the form of Democrat resistance.”

2020 Ohio Republican Party Primary Candidates Endorsement List

Columbus, Ohio
Friday January 10, 2020
Evan Machan: 513-262-4501
ORP Announces List of Endorsed Candidates Ahead of the 2020 Primaries:
Today, the Ohio Republican Party and State Central Committee announced their endorsed candidates ahead of the 2020 primaries. Chairman Jane Timken said that, “Through our fair and transparent endorsement process, we are proud to endorse a great slate of candidates leading into the 2020 elections. We look forward to working with each one of them to ensure that they are elected and we keep Ohio red.”
List of Endorsed Candidates can be found here.


Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on the
House Impeachment Vote
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding the House impeachment vote:
“This entire impeachment charade has been an unfair, partisan witch-hunt from the very beginning. The American people continue to watch as Democrats fail their constituents by focusing on this singular issue instead of getting to work to fight for issues that matter. Democrats, including Ohio’s very own Tim Ryan, stand in the way of President Trump no matter what he does. Their refusal to ever work cooperatively with the president only hurts Americans. Voters see and understand all of this, and it has only fired up our base as we prepare for 2020 and an overwhelming Trump victory.”
For Press Inquiries contact: ORP Communications Director Evan Machan at 513-262-4501 or [email protected]


Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on the Democrats’ Public Impeachment Hearings
“The Democrats’ impeachment charade continues to drag on as the first public hearings begin today. Their process remains corrupted and the president continues to be denied basic due process rights. Voters are tired of the endless witch-hunts and baseless accusations. They want a Congress that will work for them rather than focusing on attacking President Trump simply because they don’t like his style.”

Chairman’s Update 1-12-2020

Good Evening,
Last Thursday, we welcomed President Trump and Vice President Pence back to Ohio for their Keep America Great rally in Toledo. This was a great way to set the tone and pace for all that is to come throughout the rest of the year. The excitement was palpable and Ohioans are ready for four more years of our brave and bold president. November may seem far away, but the 10 months that stand between now and the election will undoubtedly fly by. We are ready to take our fight for conservative values to the next level to ensure another resounding Trump victory.
On Friday, the Republican State Central & Executive Committee met to consider endorsements for President of the United States, U.S. Congress, Ohio General Assembly, and Republican State Central Committee. You can find the list of endorsements here.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Senator Rob Portman Praises President Trump’s Leadership in Addressing Iranian Aggression
Last week on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Rob Portman delivered remarks praising President Trump for his leadership in protecting American forces in the Middle East.
In addition, Portman stated that Iranian aggression must not go unchecked. President Trump authorized the killing of Quds force and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps leader Qasem Soleimani earlier this month. Both of these groups have been designated as terrorist organizations. Soleimani was responsible for the killing of more than 600 American soldiers and the wounding of several thousand more.
A video of his remarks can be found here.
Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted Join Fuyao as Company Announces Expansion, 100 New Jobs
On Monday, Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted, and JobsOhio President and Chief Investment Officer J.P Nauseef joined Fuyao Chairman Cho Tak Wong and Chinese Consul General Huang Ping to announce 100 new jobs and a $46 million investment for the Fuyao glass facility in Moraine, Ohio. The project includes investment for research and development as well as purchasing equipment to help produce more after-market auto glass for companies such as Safelite, which is headquartered in nearby Columbus, Ohio. The company also will acquire an additional 161,000 square-feet at the Moraine facility.
Husted Traveled to Toledo for Trump Rally
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted traveled to N.W. Ohio ahead of the Trump/Pence 2020 Rally in Toledo. He greeted Vice President Mike Pence on the tarmac and accompanied him to a community leaders roundtable. The two also stopped in to Schmucker’s Restaurant and met with diners before proceeding to President Donald J. Trump’s re-election rally.
AG Dave Yost Launches Human Trafficking Summit
Attorney General Dave Yost last week convened his inaugural human trafficking summit in Columbus called Hope in Action. Hundreds attended the summit, which focused on fostering communication and collaboration among groups that battle human trafficking, and finding solutions in the fight against trafficking.
“Our job together is to build roads—a highway of hope, a right-of-way to redemption…a freeway to freedom,” Yost said while opening the summit. “Our promise is that we will build that road and make sure they need never walk it alone.”
Earlier this year, Yost created a Human Trafficking Initiative within his office to assist with prosecuting human trafficking cases and educate the public on signs of trafficking. He is also working with state lawmakers to toughen Ohio’s trafficking laws, enforce harsher penalties for those that purchase sex in Ohio, and create a state registry of traffickers.
LaRose Takes Action in Response to Iranian Cyber Treats
In response to heightened tensions related to Iran, Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued a special notice to Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections with instructions for managing potential threats.
Earlier this week, state networks across the U.S. experienced an increase in suspicious cyber activity from active internet protocol (IP) addresses originating from several countries, including Iran. In response, Secretary LaRose required county boards of elections to block an identified set of Iranian IP addresses on county firewalls. Due to proactive efforts by Secretary LaRose, there have been no successful intrusions into Ohio’s elections network, including county boards of elections.
“The bad guys only have to be right once. We have to be right every day,” said LaRose. “Enemies foreign and domestic have made it known that they are going on the offensive, and I want to assure Ohioans that I will be as transparent as I can be to share all available unclassified information with them about what we are doing to protect Ohio’s elections.”
County Boards of Elections are currently completing the final steps of the 34-point security directive issued by Secretary LaRose in June 2019. Additionally, LaRose is working with the Ohio National Guard to stand up the first-of-its-kind civilian Cyber-Reserve force that will provide the additional support necessary should an attack occur.
Auditor Faber Finds Over $21 Million in Savings for Ohio Taxpayers
This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber released Phase 1 of a performance audit of the Ohio’s Department of Transportation. The audit identified over $21 million in savings for the state agency that can be passed on to Ohio’s taxpayers. Faber’s office found that the agency could save between $10 and $21 million each if construction inspection is done in house and they could save another $450,000 by reducing its use of consultants for IT work.
“For every dollar we spent, we found $77 in savings,” Faber said, “those are results that Ohioans can be proud of.”
Phase 2 of the performance audit is currently underway and Faber expects to find more ways to make your tax dollars go farther. To read more about the recent performance audit click here.
Sprague Welcomes New Entities to to Start 2020
Last week, Treasurer Sprague welcomed the City of Huron and the Loveland City School District to The pair of entities are the first two to come aboard the online transparency platform in the new year. Launched in 2014, the Ohio Checkbook now features spending data from nearly 1,160 participating government entities from across the Buckeye State. In 2019, more than 50 new entities joined the ranks of
For more information:
Justice Kennedy Speaks At The American Legion Tenth District Conference
Invited to speak at the American Legion Tenth District Conference, Justice Sharon Kennedy spoke about the “Lean Forward: Advancing Veterans Treatment Courts Across Ohio” initiative. Since 2018, The American Legion Department of Ohio has partnered with Justice Kennedy to educate criminal justice partners about the availability of the Veterans Re-entry Service System (VRSS) and the treatment regimes available to help heal the invisible wounds of war.
“The VRSS program permits law enforcement, court personnel, and other criminal justice partners to quickly identify those veterans in the criminal justice system who have not self identified,” said Kennedy. “Once veterans are identified,” stated Kennedy “criminal justice partners can then contact the Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator at their local Veterans Administration Medical Center (VA) to help facilitate an assessment and identify treatment services available to the veterans.”
Kennedy added that, “This allows local communities to utilize federal dollars for treatment services because the veteran has earned the right to access that treatment through their service to our country.”
Justice French Has Candidacy Certified, Meets Vice President Pence
Justice French had her candidacy certified for the ballot last week by Secretary of State Frank Larose.
She also had the opportunity to greet Vice president Pence when he arrived in Toledo and attended the rally later that evening.

Chairman’s Update 1-05-2020

Good Evening,
I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the New Year. Now that we have officially stepped into 2020, it is time to ramp up our efforts to re-elect our great president and leader, Donald Trump.
Republicans and the president continue to withstand constant attacks from Democrats, even when taking action against foreign actors harming Americans, and we must stand up for our conservative ideals now more than ever before. President Trump will be in Toledo on Thursday firing up Ohioans for a Keep America Great Rally. With 10 months to go until the election, let’s continue fighting for our future.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Highlights Support for USMCA
Click here to watch U.S. Senator Rob Portman’s interview on Lima News Now highlighting his support for the USMCA, which the House passed in an overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion last month. This much-needed trade agreement with our neighbors, Canada & Mexico will provide a replacement to the 25-year-old NAFTA.
Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted Speak at Fair Managers Meeting
On Friday, Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted spoke at the Ohio Fair Managers Annual Meeting. In attendance were over 800 fair board members, volunteers, and 4-H leaders from around the state. Earlier Friday, DeWine also spoke at the Ohio Auctioneers 2020 Conference.
Husted Announces Application Period for TechCred
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the next open application period for the TechCred Program. The initiative was founded by the DeWine-Husted Administration in order to help businesses having trouble finding workers and give them a tool to train the next generation of their workforce. Businesses wishing to apply can learn more in the Lt. Governor’s announcement here, or by visiting
AG Dave Yost Continues Fight Against Robocalls
Attorney General Dave Yost last week applauded President Trump’s signing of the Telehope Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence (TRACED) Act. The legislation, which was passed out of Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support, targets illegal robocalls by requiring service providers to offer free, automatic call-blocking technology to consumers. This ensures that phone calls originate from secure, verified numbers, and not spoofed sources.
“I applaud the president and a nearly unanimous Congress for creating and signing into law the most important new tool in a generation to fight robocalls and fraud,” Yost said. “The bipartisan support of this measure reflects just how widespread this nuisance has become. It’s time for these scammers to get the message—enough is enough.”
Last year, Yost and other state attorneys general sent a letter to the U.S. Senate in support of the TRACED Act.
LaRose Keynotes Naturalization Ceremony
This week Secretary LaRose spoke to 79 individuals becoming legal citizens during a naturalization ceremony in Cleveland. He took this opportunity to inspire this group of new patriots to take the next step by contributing to the economic and civic live of this state and nation.
To help them achieve this, LaRose teamed up with the local board of elections to register them to vote, encourage them to be a poll worker and learn how to start a business.
“For these people that have made the difficult journey to come to this country and become a United States citizen — they are truly a part of a great tradition,” said LaRose. “As successive waves of immigrants have done, they will contribute richly to the cultural, economic and civic life of our state.”
Check out what Secretary LaRose had to say about the experience here.
Auditor of State Keith Faber Meets with Ohio Fair Managers
This week Auditor of State Keith Faber addressed nearly 1,000 members of the agriculture community in Ohio. Faber thanked the fair managers for all they do for the communities they serve – from the county fair to the local events they host. Additionally, he outlined steps his office is taking to bring down audit costs for local fairs. Faber is continuing to fight for more efficient, effective, and transparent government at all levels.
Sprague Touts Strong STABLE Growth to Close 2019
As the year ended, Treasurer Sprague reported unprecedented growth for his office’s STABLE Account program. The program, which provides specialized savings and investment accounts to individuals living with disabilities, saw participation grow by more than 40% over the 12 month span. Additionally, overall STABLE contributions crossed the $100 million mark in November. Throughout 2019, Sprague oversaw innovative new partnerships with public and private employers to allow eligible employees to directly deposit portions of their paycheck into STABLE accounts either for themselves or a loved one.
Justice Kennedy Wishes You and Your Family A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year
Over the holidays, I hope you and your family had time to celebrate and reconnect. As we look ahead to 2020, we know we have a big year ahead of us!
I can hardly believe that it is finally here! With 303days until Election Day, November 3rd, I am excited to continue my travels across Ohio.
As in years past, traveling the highways, byways, and backroads – visiting all 88 counties – multiple times – I look forward to being in all corners of our state. Having the the opportunity to talk to voters about my diverse 34 years of service in the justice system and why they should continue to trust me.
I ask you to join me. Engage the court races, speak up and speak out about the court races, and help propel victory on November 3rd. Together, we will be victorious!
I look forward to seeing you soon. May you and your family have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!