Statement from ORP Regarding Toledo Democrats Taken Into Federal Custody

Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan Regarding Toledo Democrats Taken Into Federal Custody

Columbus,OH – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Evan Machan released the following statement regarding Toledo city council members being taken into federal custody:

“Not one day after a Democrat city councilwoman in Cincinnati pleaded guilty to bribery charges, four members of the Toledo city council were taken into custody by the FBI after being accused of the same charge. Democrats believe they are the party of the people, constantly pandering to voters and pretending to act in their best interests. Someone should tell Ohio Dems that accepting bribes in exchange for votes is not how democracy works. The hypocrisy of the Democrats continues to stun Ohioans. From Toledo to Cincinnati, Democrats should be ashamed of how they have betrayed their constituents.”


Chairman’s Update 6/28/20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

The enthusiasm for President Trump remains unmatched, and I know Ohioans are ready to re-elect him for Four More Years. The D.C. Democrats continue to be hypocrites, calling for criminal justice reform but blocking a GOP bill that laid out a plan for just that. Senator Tim Scott got it right in his powerful speech on the Senate floor when he said, “The actual problem is not what is being offered. It is who is offering it.” Democrats pretend to care about the issues Americans are facing, but when presented with a solution spear-headed by Republicans, they simply reject it.

In recent days, both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi got George Floyd’s name wrong, publicly referring to him as George Taylor and George Kirby, respectively. Top Democrats don’t even care enough to get his name right, yet they pander to Republicans about reforming the system and reject GOP bills.

With less than five months until Election Day, we must continue working toward another resounding victory for President Trump. Let’s Keep America Great!


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


Portman Praises Unanimous Senate Passage of Legislation to Rename NASA’s Plum Brook Station Test Facility After Neil Armstrong

U.S. Senator Rob Portman announced that the Senate unanimously passed his bipartisan legislation to rename NASA’s Plum Brook Station, the agency’s test facility in Sandusky, Ohio, after Neil Armstrong. Portman introduced the legislation last September. Plum Brook is part of the NASA Glenn Research Center. It houses unique world-class facilities that conduct critical and innovative ground tests for the international aerospace community.

Prior to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing last year, Portman paid tribute to his friend, Ohio-native Neil Armstrong in a video, as well as on the Senate floor. In August 2019, Portman accompanied NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine in a visit to NASA’s Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field in Cleveland and Plum Brook Station in Sandusky to view progress on the agency’s Artemis Program — its multi-year plan to return American astronauts to the Moon and eventually send manned missions to Mars.

Governor DeWine Endorses Dayton for Space Command HQ

On Tuesday, Governor DeWine endorsed Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) and the surrounding Dayton region as the ideal location for the new United States Space Command headquarters.

“Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Dayton region would be excellent hosts for the U.S. Space Command’s new headquarters,” said Governor DeWine. “This area is already home to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, and Air Force Material Command. It’s a powerful combination and a synergy that you can’t find anywhere else.”

In a letter sent to the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Governor DeWine endorsed the nomination submitted by Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone. A letter signed by 22 area mayors and four county commission presidents was also submitted expressing mutual support for the Dayton region to be considered for the permanent U.S. Space Command headquarters.

The Department of the Air Force, in coordination with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, announced in May that it would accept nominations for the headquarters’ location based on specific criteria. WPAFB and the Dayton region met all of the screening requirements.

If selected, the new headquarters could bring up to 1,400 personnel to Ohio.

Copies of the letters sent can be found at

Lt. Governor Husted Announces $1 Million in Savings

Lt. Governor Jon Husted recently announced InnovateOhio’s data analytics platform has saved the state $1 million by flagging erroneous payments. In both large public and private sector organizations, it’s common to have some level of accidental, duplicate payments, but until now, the state did not have a technology tool and relied primarily on the errors being caught by staff. The tool identified the payments and the Office of Budget and Management has been successful in recovering nearly all of the lost taxpayer money.

AG Yost: 9 Arrested in Connection with Human Trafficking Ring in Ohio

Last week, Attorney General Dave Yost announced that a federal grand jury indicted a Scioto County man and eight of his family members and associates with charges related to a child sex trafficking ring. The man allegedly exchanged drugs for access to the children of drug-addicted parents.

“My pledge is that we will continue wherever this investigation leads – and that we will find justice for all the victims that may be out there,” Yost said during a press conference last week.

The indictment follows a joint investigation by the FBI and Yost’s Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Attorney General’s office is prosecuting the case.

LaRose Reminds Ohioans to Update their Registration

With November approaching, Secretary LaRose and the professionals at each county board of elections throughout the state are preparing for a safe and secure election. Voters will have the traditional three options of early, absentee and in person voting on Election Day. 

Oftentimes, voters who have moved may forget to update their registration to their new address. Make sure yours is updated by visiting

Auditor of State Keith Faber Hosts Unemployment Roundtable

This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber hosted a roundtable to hear from Ohioans affected by the failures of the state’s unemployment system. Throughout the pandemic, thousands of Ohioans have expressed frustrations with the system’s failure to quickly and accurately process unemployment claims. Auditor Faber has been talking with members of the legislature as well as those who have struggled to see how he can use the power of the Auditor’s office to help identify and address issues with the system.

Treasurer Sprague Announces Continues Growth for the STABLE Account Program

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague has announced that, on Wednesday, the STABLE Account program set a new single-day record for new accounts opened. June 24th saw a total of 62 new accounts open, and the news comes just weeks after the program set new monthly and weekly records related account openings.
A STABLE account is a specialized savings and investment account for people with disabilities that allows them to save and invest money without losing eligibility for certain means-tested benefits, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
During his first year in office, Treasurer Sprague oversaw unprecedented growth in the program with enrollment increasing by 51% throughout 2019. Today, there are more than 17,000 active STABLE accounts.
Kennedy Continues to Travel Ohio and Earn Endorsements 

Originally set to eclipse all 88 counties by the end of April, Justice Sharon L. Kennedy is back on track to visit all 88 by the end of June. With eight counties touched this week she heads into the home stretch and along the way enjoyed a slice of Americana by enjoying the Pickaway County Fair.

In the midst of her travels, she received endorsements from G-Pac, the Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Necessary PAC (FIINPAC), and the second highest rating of vetted candidates from the NAACP Cleveland branch.

“I am humbled to have received the support of organizations committed to uplifting their communities,” said Sharon. “As a Justice on the Supreme Court of Ohio, I am committed to honoring my limited role in government by upholding the law, not rewriting it or legislating from the bench. But I believe it was my work beyond the practice of law and the bench that earned the trust of G-PAC, FIINPAC, and the Cleveland NAACP. Throughout my 34 years of service in the justice system I have used my education and experience to solve problems and lead – whether that was a Compass Program, joining forces with Butler County Jobs and Family Services to tear down barriers to employment, or advocating for treatment, in lieu of incarceration – I am eager to continue that work across our great state.”

Justice French Visits Ohio Business, Glass Coatings & Concepts

Judi visited Glass Coatings & Concepts this week.  Located north of Cincinnati in Monroe, Ohio, GCC is a multi-generation manufacturer of glass coatings for products of all sizes. She’s pictured here with the father-son team of John and Tom Shepherd. Visiting businesses like GCC keeps Judi informed about what’s happening in the business arena and makes her a better justice.

Chairman’s Update 6/21/20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

On Tuesday, President Trump said, “We need to bring law enforcement and communities closer together, not to drive them apart.” In a time where there is much division across our nation, President Trump’s words ring true. Our communities need to work together to heal the divide that has overwhelmed American cities throughout the past few weeks, and the president’s executive order aims to do just that.

The measures mentioned in Tuesday’s order, like focusing more heavily on mental health, homelessness and addiction, will allow police officers to work alongside social workers and other community counterparts, who are better equipped to respond to those types of situations. President Trump’s leadership on this matter will allow trust to be restored in our communities, and will give those who come into contact with police better access to the services that will make a difference in their lives.

By listening and responding to Americans as our nation endures a tough time, President Trump has once again proven he is a leader for all who call our great nation home.

As restrictions have loosened, hopefully you can all celebrate the dads, grandpas, and other men in your lives today. Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to them all!


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


On CNBC, Portman Highlights Need for Return-to-Work Bonus & New Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Theft of U.S. Research & IP

On CNBC’s Squawk Box, Senator Portman highlighted his proposal to incentivize individuals to return to the workplace, which will be critical to a robust economic recovery as the country continues to reopen. He highlighted his proposal of providing $450 a week for individuals returning to work, meaning they’d receive their wages plus this $450 bonus.

Portman believes this proposal would ensure that there are as few situations as possible where staying on unemployment is more lucrative than returning to work. According to recent research from the American Action Forum and from the University of Chicago, between 60-70 percent of individuals currently on unemployment are making more than they did in their prior job thanks to this federal supplement.

In addition, Portman also discussed his bipartisan Safeguarding American Innovation Act, which will crack down on the theft of intellectual property at federally funded research institutions and universities by China and America’s global competitors. Portman, as chair of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), led a year-long investigation into this issue culminating in a bipartisan report and hearing that detailed how American taxpayers have been unwittingly funding the rise of China’s military and economy over the last two decades while federal agencies have done little to stop it. Starting in the late 1990s through its “talent recruitment programs”, China began recruiting U.S.-based scientists and researchers to transfer U.S. taxpayer-funded IP to China for their own economic and military gain. This legislation is the product of that investigation and will ensure that the federal government is taking decisive action to safeguard American innovation.

Watch the interview here.


Governor DeWine Continues Work to Improve Law Enforcement

On Wednesday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Attorney General Dave Yost announced the following actions and proposed legislative reforms aimed at making meaningful improvements to law enforcement training, transparency, and accountability.

The proposed reforms were developed with feedback from the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, Ohio Conference of NAACP, Ohio Chiefs of Police Association, Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, Fraternal Order of Police, and others.

Conversations regarding additional actions to improve Ohio’s overall criminal justice system will continue and more reforms are anticipated in the future.

WLWT-TV in Cincinnati summarized the proposals:

DeWine proposes numerous police reform measures, including ban on chokeholds

Husted Talks Ohio’s Return to Prosperity

Lt. Governor Jon Husted this week touted Ohio’s new unemployment numbers that show Ohioans are getting back to work as the state continues fighting the global coronavirus pandemic. Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped nearly 4% in the last month and unemployment claims have tapered off as businesses safely reopen and Ohioans are returning to their jobs and finding new opportunities. The Lt. Governor also was named the Small Business Advocate of the Year by the Northeast Ohio economic development driver, the Greater Cleveland Partnership.

AG Yost Sues Price Gougers Profiting Off COVID-19

Attorney General Dave Yost is suing an Athens couple accused of hoarding hundreds of bottles of hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic and selling them online at a 1,000% markup. The couple tried to profit off of the in-demand item, and raked in more than $26,7000 from the sale of 600 Purell hand sanitizer products in February and March. Yost’s office is asking the court to grant an order requiring the Athens couple to reimburse affected customers and pay civil penalties.

“This is appalling behavior and should be answered in a court of law,” Yost said. “Even more, it points out the need for a specific price-gouging law.”

Earlier this year, State Senators Nathan Manning and Steve Wilson introduced legislation drafted in partnership with Yost’s office to establish consumer price-gouging protections in Ohio.

LaRose Secures Big Win for Ohio Voters

This week, the Ohio legislature approved the use of federal funds for the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to send absentee ballot requests to every registered Ohio voter.

This is a major step toward LaRose’s plan to ensure Ohioans can have a safe and normal election in November with the in-person, early and absentee voting options voters have come to expect.

Voters can register to vote and learn how to request their absentee ballots today by visiting

Auditor of State Keith Faber Releases Resources for a Local Government 

This week Auditor of State Keith Faber’s office unveiled a new website designed to assist local governments as they work to combat the effects of the COVID crisis on their budgets. As our communities look to fill budget holes to keep public safety appropriately funded and to maintain important public services, this website will be important in guiding officials through how to do so in accordance with federal guidelines. You can check it out by visiting

Sprague Announces More Savings Through the OMAP Program

On Thursday, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague announced the City of Kirtland (Lake County) has qualified for approximately $7,200 in interest cost savings through the Ohio Market Access Program (OMAP). OMAP is a credit enhancement program that leverages the state’s excess liquidity and high short-term credit rating to help improve market access and lower borrowing rates for local governments. The City of Kirtland is using the program to assist with multiple projects including the purchase of vehicles for the city’s service department, street improvements, and sewer and resurfacing work.
“The Ohio Market Access Program puts the state’s excess liquidity and high credit rating to work for our local governments,” said Treasurer Sprague. “For five years, Kirtland has utilized OMAP, and we’re proud of the savings generated for the city. We look forward to continuing to support them as they navigate the municipal bond market.”

Kennedy Wishes a Happy Father’s Day 
Today we celebrate our fathers. Honoring the time, love, and lifetime of sacrifices they devote to us each and every day.
Although my father passed, I am reminded of him daily. As I travel the highways and byways of Ohio, I am constantly stumbling across old time diners, and ice cream shops that he would have loved. And every day, I live life according to his three rules – decide and commit, work hard, and have fortitude.
Dad instilled within me that I could do and be anything, and I am the woman I am because he never let me forget that.
Take time to thank your dad for his sacrifice, support, and unconditional love. Celebrate your fathers, your uncles, your brothers, and your husbands. To all the fathers and father figures, thank you for instilling wisdom, love and strength into each generation. Thank you for being you.  Happy Father‘s Day!
Justice French Travels to Nelsonville, OH to Visit Rocky Brands

This week, Justice French traveled to Nelsonville, the home of Ohio- proud Rocky Brands. She visited with Chairman Mike Brooks and the Rocky Brands leadership team. The company is a great example of American tradition, ingenuity, and work ethic, a real credit to Ohio and the nation.

Press Release: ORP State Central Committee Resolution to Censure Matt Borges

ORP State Central Committee Resolution to Censure Matt Borges


Put forth by Sarah Brown, Committeewoman from the 29th-District and adopted unanimously 

Whereas: Former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges has conducted himself in a manner which calls into question his dedication to Republican Principles in the following acts:

  • As State Chairman, he committed FEC violations which cost the state party time, treasury, and reputation.
  • Upon being defeated as State Party Chairman he put himself out to promote an initiative to legalize marijuana in Ohio;
  • Upon being defeated as State Party Chairman he put himself out to lead a Super Pac to benefit the nomination of Joe Biden as Democrat Nominee for President;
  • Upon being defeated as State Party Chairman he now leads a Super Pac aimed at defeating the Republican Nominee for President.

Therefore, be it Resolved that the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee hereby formally disassociates itself from Mr. Borges and otherwise revokes the titIe of Chairman Emeritus that had been granted Mr. Borges upon his defeat as Republican State Chairman. We take this action on account of Mr. Borges’ misconduct and pattern of using his former status as Ohio Republican Chairman to advocate for proposals which had not been endorsed by The Ohio Republican State Central Committee.

By Recorded Roll Call Vote of the Ohio Republican State Central Committee, on this day, June 19th, 2020.


Chairman’s Update 6/14/20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

I hope you will join me in wishing President Trump a very Happy Birthday today. He has been a true leader to Americans since 2016, and has proven his leadership is what we need to guide us through another four years.

Last week, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced the Republican National Convention will now take place in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida is President Trump’s home state and will play an important role in the president’s path to victory. President Trump has been leading our Great American Comeback, and I am excited to head out to Jacksonville to celebrate President Trump’s re-nomination in August so we can Keep America Great!


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


Portman Highlights How Restore Our Parks Act Will Support More Than 100,000 Jobs & Rebuild Park Infrastructure 

Last week, Senator Rob Portman highlighted his bipartisan Restore Our Parks Act currently under consideration on the Senate floor this week, which will support more than 100,000 jobs over the next five years. The bill will help rebuild our parks infrastructure by addressing the nearly $12 billion backlog in long-delayed maintenance projects at the National Park Service (NPS). The Restore Our Parks Act is a part of a broader package, the Great American Outdoors Act — landmark bipartisan legislation to address the deferred maintenance backlog across the federal land management agencies and to provide permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Portman has pushed the Senate to pass the Restore Our Parks Act over the last several years.  The bill will establish the National Park Service Legacy Restoration Fund to reduce the maintenance backlog by allocating half of the existing unobligated revenues the government receives from on and offshore energy development up to $1.3 billion per year for the next five years. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved the bipartisan Restore Our Parks Act in November 2019. Portman worked with his colleagues to expand the Restore Our Parks Act to address the more than $18 billion in deferred maintenance backlog across all land management agencies in the Great American Outdoors Act. This legislation now provides $1.9 billion per year for five years into the “National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund” from half of unobligated on and offshore energy revenues. Last week, Portman announced that a new National Parks Service (NPS) study of the Restore Our Parks legislation found that the legislation will support an average of 40,300 direct jobs and a total of 100,100 direct and indirect jobs over the next five years to help address the delayed maintenance backlog and rebuild our national parks infrastructure.
A  video of his speech can be found here.

Governor DeWine Continues Work to Improve Law Enforcement 

On Tuesday, Governor DeWine announced several efforts to improve community-police relations in Ohio.  WSYX in Columbus provided a recap:

First, Governor DeWine directed Ohio’s Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board to begin developing uniform minimum standards related to mass protests. Ohio’s Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board was formed in 2015 to create uniform minimum standards for Ohio’s law enforcement agencies covering use of force, including deadly force, hiring and recruitment.

Second, Governor DeWine directed the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Office of Criminal Justice Services, which oversees the certification process, to reach out to every agency that is not certified in these standards and assist them in moving toward certification.

As of today, 79-percent of all of Ohio’s law enforcement officers work for an agency that has voluntarily complied with these standards or is in the process of certification. These agencies serve 75-percent of Ohio’s total population. However, the total number of certified agencies only accounts for slightly over half of all of Ohio’s departments.

Collaborative standards also exist for community engagement, body cameras, bias-free policing, employee misconduct, telecommunicators, and law enforcement pursuits.

The 2020 Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board report, which lists the certification status of all law enforcement agencies in the state, is available at

Governor DeWine also announced that he will create a new Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment within Ohio’s Office of Criminal Justice Services.

Lt. Governor Husted Talks Economic Recovery

Lt. Governor Jon Husted this week joined Stewart Varney on Fox Business to discuss Ohio’s ongoing economic recovery efforts as the state continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus. The Lt. Governor highlighted the fact that new and renewing unemployment claims are falling in Ohio, which is good news for Ohio job seekers, and especially those who may have lost their job due to the pandemic. Lt. Governor Husted noted that Ohio employers are working hard to reopen the right way in order to keep their employees and customers safe.

Yost Goes After Inflated, Manipulated Drug Prices

Attorney General Dave Yost joined 51 states and territories last week to file a lawsuit involving a widespread conspiracy by drug manufacturers to inflate and manipulate prices, reduce competition, and restrain trade for generic topical drugs across the country. A multistate investigation found evidence of unlawful agreements to lower competition and raise prices on dozens of topical products. The ensuing lawsuit seeks damages, civil penalties, and actions by the court to restore competition to the generic drug market.

“Price-fixing unlawfully benefits the producer at the expense of the patient,” Yost said. “In the absence of competition in the drug market, folks who most need medicine bear the brunt of the cost.”

LaRose Helps Minority Entrepreneurs

This week, Secretary LaRose held his sixth regional minority business roundtable with entrepreneurs in the Akron business community. The Zoom discussion gave participants an opportunity to learn about resources, ask questions to a panel of experts, and give feedback on what more can be done for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Check out a clip from the virtual Roundtable here.

Increasing Penalties for Theft in Office

This week the Ohio House took another step toward stiffening penalties for public officials who commit theft while in office by passing Senate Bill 10. Auditor Keith Faber has urged the legislature to take action so that when his office catches someone stealing from taxpayers, they can get the punishment that they deserve for betraying the public trust.

Treasurer Sprague Talks Challenges, Recovery with Business Leaders and Local Officials

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague continues to engage business leaders and local officials to discuss the various economic challenges facing our state and the ways we can work together to ensure a long-term recovery. Recent weeks have seen Sprague speak with the Bowling Green Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee, the St. Clairsville Chamber, and the Mason Deerfield Rotary.
Kennedy Continues Connecting with Ohioans

Justice Sharon L. Kennedy’s week included an event in Adams County at the J. McCoy Lumber Company, a virtual meeting with the Ohio Contractors Association Board, and endorsement announcements from the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association, Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Chamber, Ohio Farm Bureau, and NFIB. Sharon rounded out her week by speaking at a Clinton County Event.

“With 141 days until Election Day, there is a lot of work to be done,” said Sharon. “As we continue engaging Ohioans and asking for their vote on November, I ask you for your help. Please continue connecting with friends and neighbors and tell them about my candidacy for re-election. Tell them about my 34 years of diverse service in the justice system, and my commitment to upholding the law, not re-writing it or legislating from the bench. Control of the Ohio Supreme Court is at stake this year and the road to victory is begins and ends with you. Together – we will be victorious.”

French Participates in Virtual Town Hall with Students

Judi participated in a virtual town hall with students from the Ohio YMCA Youth & Government program this week. The Youth & Government program has a rich history of bringing the democratic process to life for young Ohioans. Teens learn about the legislative and judicial processes, how to write legislation, and how to participate in elections. The program builds character and confidence and even brings good ideas to Ohio’s policymakers.

Justice French talked about her pathway from a small town in Mahoning County to the Ohio Supreme Court. She encouraged the students to consider running for office and bringing their unique talents to public service.

Chairman’s Update 6/07/2020

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

On Friday, the May jobs report was announced, indicating a promising economic future for Americans. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, Americans witnessed an amazing economy before COVID-19 disrupted our lives. Now, we are seeing a revival of that great economy. The unemployment rate dropped to 13.3% and payroll rose by 2.5 million. These numbers thoroughly beat economists’ expectations. It is great news for all Americans. The strength of President Trump’s economic record cannot be disputed. Americans can truly count on President Trump’s leadership to get us through tough times. After such an uncertain time, this is welcome news. America is open for business once again!


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


On Senate Floor, Portman Urges All Americans to Listen to the Pain Felt Across the County & Work Together to Address Racial Disparities & Injustices 

Last week on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Rob Portman addressed the hurt and anger being felt across the country in response to egregious examples of injustice and violence against African-Americans. He highlighted the need to work together to address the long-standing racial disparities and injustices that continue to occur in our country. Portman strongly supports the right of those who are peacefully protesting and shining the light on the outrageous killing of George Floyd. Portman also made clear that those rioting, looting, and destroying businesses and other property are co-opting the moment of pain in our country and that even the family of George Floyd has called for protests to remain peaceful.

A video of the remarks can be found here.  

Governor DeWine Announces Entertainment Reopenings

On Thursday, Governor Mike DeWine continued Responsible ReopenOhio announcements with news that day camps and residential camps may open at any time.  Entertainment venues listed below may open beginning Wednesday, June 10th if they are able to follow Retail, Consumer, Service & Entertainment Guidelines and other applicable additional guidance:

  • Aquariums
  • Art galleries
  • Country clubs
  • Ice skating rinks
  • Indoor family entertainment centers
  • Indoor sports facilities
  • Laser tag facilities
  • Movie theaters (indoor)
  • Museums
  • Playgrounds (outdoor)
  • Public recreation centers
  • Roller skating rinks
  • Social clubs
  • Trampoline parks
  • Zoos

On Friday, Governor DeWine announced that the following sectors have the ability to reopen on Friday, June 19, 2020:

  • Casinos
  • Racinos
  • Amusement parks
  • Water parks

Governor DeWine also announced the Memorial Golf Tournament will be open and held from July 13th to 19th.

Lt. Gov. Husted Highlights Job Opportunities Across Ohio

Lt. Governor Jon Husted highlighted the state’s pandemic job board last week, which features employers who have an increased need for workers, even as the state continues to fight the coronavirus. Ohioans looking for work can search those opportunities at The Lt. Governor also joined Governor DeWine in announcing additional re-openings in the economy as public places continue to safely restart operations.

Yost Leads National Coalition Against Robocalls

Attorney General Dave Yost led a national coalition of attorneys general law week, urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to drive collaboration between states and telecom companies to help trace robocalls. Tracing robocalls – which is key to enforcing laws against illegal robocalls – requires a working relationship between telecom companies and state attorneys general.

“Every spear needs a tip,” Yost said. “A call-tracing collaboration between state attorneys general and the telecom players who route the traffic will sharpen our ability to protect Ohioans.”

In March, Yost announced his office created a Robocall Enforcement Unit to combat the issue. Ohioans can report robocalls by texting “ROBO” to 888111, or by visiting or calling 1-800-282-0515.

LaRose Forms Ready for November Task Force

To ensure Ohio is prepared for the election this fall, LaRose announced the formation of the Ready for November Task Force. The mission of the task force is to provide updates from the field on the challenges and needs of our county boards of elections to administer a safe, secure, and accessible election, and how the state can help support their efforts. The boards members include officers from the Ohio Association of Election Officials and Secretary LaRose. Watch the first meeting here.

Auditor of State Keith Faber Uncovers $300,000 in Fraud

This week Auditor of State Keith Faber released a special audit detailing $334,270 in fraud by the former chief deputy clerk of the Lima municipal court. The issue was first brought to light by current Clerk of Court, Jim Link, who worked with the Auditor’s team to uncover the fraud. Auditor Faber’s team worked to ensure the former chief deputy clerk was prosecuted and is now in prison for her crimes against the citizens of Lima.

Treasurer Sprague Adds Support to Davidson-led Effort to Create CARES Flexibility 

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague recently placed his support behind U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson’s (R-OH.8) proposal to create more flexibility for how state and local governments can access funding through the CARES Act. Rep. Davidson’s plan, titled “The Flexibility for States and Localities Act,” was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on Thursday of last week.
“Before Congress considers spending trillions of more dollars through additional stimulus bills, it’s imperative to ensure that the funds already appropriated are able to be accessed by our state and local government partners,” said Treasurer Sprague. “By creating greater flexibility in how the CARES Act funds are used and distributed, Rep. Davidson’s proposal aims to provide governments with the support they need during these trying times.”
Justice Kennedy Builds Out Internship Program

Gearing up for summer, Justice Sharon L. Kennedy met with recent Ohio State University graduate, Megan Ryser, who was recently brought on board as an intern for Kennedy for Ohio. They discussed each other’s backgrounds, Megan’s long term goals, along expectations and what this summer will look like on the campaign trail.

“To the voter, November 3rd feels like a lifetime away, but for the campaign it is right around the corner,” said Sharon. “We have a lot of work to do and ground to cover before Election Day. And with traditional methods of outreach dwindling we have to get especially creative when it comes to engaging voters. I look forward to hearing your ideas and working side-by-side to implementing those ideas. We have a long road ahead of us, and I am grateful to have young Ohioans like you on my team.”

Justice French Calls Ohio Lawyers to Action
As crises have unfolded across Ohio, Justice Judi French has been speaking to Ohio lawyers and law students about opportunities for their service. “Now, more than ever, low-income and underserved Ohioans need lawyers  to help them. The current health crisis threatens their ability to remain safely housed, to remain free from domestic violence, and to access the financial supports they need.”  It’s lawyers, she said, who often serve as leaders in our communities and as volunteers when help is needed. As Ohio recovers, their help will be crucial for many Ohio families.