Chairman Paduchik Statement on President Biden’s First Press Conference

COLUMBUS, OH— Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Paduchik released the following statement on Joe Biden’s first press conference:

“On his 65th day in office, President Biden finally held a press conference. Sadly, the President was not the ‘healer’ in chief that the American people were promised.

“Instead, the President doubled down on far left policies that are so radical they can only pass the Senate by gutting the filibuster.

“The American people deserve transparency and accountability. So far, our southern border has been more open than media access in the Biden-Harris White House.”


The Ohio Republican Party Announces Key Hires

The Ohio Republican Party Announces the Hiring of Four Senior Staff Members

COLUMBUS, OH –Today, the Ohio Republican Party announced the hiring of Justin Bis as Executive Director, Garrett Arnold as Political Director, Tricia McLaughlin as Communications Director, and the promotion of Paige Sims from Deputy Finance Director to Finance Director.

“As Chairman, I am dedicated to ensuring Ohio Republicans up and down the ballot have the funding and tools they need to win,” said Chairman Bob Paduchik. “I look forward to leading this tenacious team who will work doggedly to elect officials who stand for Ohio’s working class, conservative values.”

Justin Bis was a Deputy State Director for the Trump Pence campaign in 2016 and served President Trump in the White House in the Presidential Personnel Office. During his three years there, Bis was thrice promoted and left as a commissioned officer on the President’s staff.

Garret Arnold most recently served as Deputy State Director for President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. Following a role in RNC Co-chairman Paduchik’s office, Arnold became Deputy State Director for RNC Victory during the 2018 cycle. Arnold also served as the Cuyahoga County Coordinator for the Trump campaign in 2016.

Tricia McLaughlin most recently served as Chief of Staff to the Under Secretary for Nuclear Arms Control and International Security at the State Department. Prior to her time at the State Department, McLaughlin was Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Treasury Department. In this role, she was the chief spokesperson for the Administration’s economic sanctions program.

Paige Sims joined the Ohio Republican Party as Deputy Finance Director in 2019. As Deputy Finance Director, Sims helped win Ohio for President Trump, gained a super majority in the Ohio House of Representatives, and secured a strong majority in the Ohio Senate. Sims also helped secure a win for the 2018 DeWine Husted campaign, serving on the finance team.


Statement by Chairman Bob Paduchik on President Biden’s Visit to Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH—”There is a crisis at our Southern border—today is not the day for a PR tour to spike the
football on a $1.9 trillion ‘relief’ bill that does next to nothing to combat COVID-19.”

3 Questions for President Biden During his Visit to Ohio

ORP Communications Director Tricia McLaughlin Asks President Biden the Following Questions During his Visit to Ohio
  1. What happened to the candidate Joe Biden that promised to ‘heal the nation’ with bipartisan reform? While running for President, Joe Biden promised to “heal the nation” and reach across the aisle for bipartisan cooperation. Instead, in just two months in office the Biden-Harris Administration has taken unprecedented Executive Action on far left policies, seemingly endorsed the end of the Senate filibuster, and forced through a $1.9 trillion party-line funding package that bails out misgoverned Democrat-run cities.
  2. Why does less than 10% of the Biden-Harris Administration’s $1.9 trillion ‘relief’ bill go toward public health and combating COVID-19? How does spending billons of dollars on unrelated initiatives, including $600 million to erase San Francisco’s budget deficit and $86 billion going to poorly managed blue state pension funds, make the American people materially safer or economically secure?
  3. Why is President Biden going on a publicity tour in Ohio instead of surveying the humanitarian crisis at our nation’s Southern Border? The Biden-Harris open-border policies have incentivized the flood of migrants, including vulnerable unaccompanied children, to our Southern border. This is a self-inflicted crisis.