Ohio Republican Party Statement on Tim Ryan’s Demands to End the Senate Filibuster

COLUMBUS, OH—The Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Tricia McLaughlin released the following statement on Tim Ryan’s dangerous calls to end the Senate Filibuster:

“Today ‘moderate’ Tim Ryan went on MSNBC to demand an end to the filibuster. Make no mistake, this blatant power grab will undermine the checks and balances of American democracy. Tim Ryan and other Democrats should be careful what they wish for —2022 is right around the corner.”


ORP Statement on S.1

COLUMBUS, OH—The Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Justin Bis released the following statement on the Democrats’ S.1 power grab:

“Among numerous democracy eroding provisions, the Senate’s version of H.R. 1 would strip states of commonsense voter ID laws and would take Ohio taxpayer dollars to bankroll politicians’ campaigns in states they don’t even live in. The decision to make a political donation should be personal –not mandated by the federal government.”


Chairman Paduchik Statement on Jennifer Brunner Running for Chief Justice

COLUMBUS, OH— Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Paduchik released the following statement on Jennifer Brunner, who was just elected Justice in November, running for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court:

“It is hard to fathom why a Justice who was elected just over six months ago and has not yet written a majority opinion would ask to be promoted to Chief Justice.

“Ohioans deserve a qualified Chief Justice who is steady and principled, not someone who is singularly focused on self-serving promotions.”