“Nan Who?” Ohio GOP Launches Website Exposing Nan Whaley’s Failures as Mayor of Dayton

COLUMBUS—A recent poll found that nearly one in three likely voters have never heard of Nan Whaley, and a Columbus Dispatch headline correctly posed the question, “Nan Who?”
Even Joe Biden’s own press secretary couldn’t quite get it right, embarrassingly calling her Nan “Whalen.
Well, this week the Ohio Republican Party launched a new website to help answer that very question. Who is the REAL Nan Whaley, and how did she fail the city of Dayton? The facts expose a nanny-state liberal who failed the people and city she was elected to serve. Ohioans want economic freedom, not nanny-state Nan.
“Just because Nan Whaley let down Dayton does not mean she should now be allowed to fail the State of Ohio, and this website will serve as a valuable resource to voters who may not yet know her disastrous record of far-left leadership.“—ORP Spokesman Dan Lusheck
Whaley’s record as mayor was chock-full of far-left policy positions that lead to record-high poverty rates, surges in violent crime, and full-throated support for President Joe Biden’s failed administration who sent our country spiraling.
“Nan Who?” you ask…. Stay tuned over the next several weeks to find out more!
For more information, visit http://www.NanWhaley.org.

Ohio Republican Party Statement on Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio Endorsing Tim Ryan

COLUMBUS—Today, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Paduchik released the following statement regarding Tim Ryan’s endorsement from the Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio:

“Transforming from a Catholic altar boy into a pro-abortion extremist, Lyin’ Tim Ryan campaigns as a moderate but supports radical taxpayer funded abortion on demand, with zero restrictions, up until the moment of birth.”—Chairman Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party