State Committee


State Central Committee Members

DistrictTitleFirstLastEmail Address

SCC1 Mr. Rob Radway
SCC1 Ms. Cheryl Buckland
SCC2 Mr. Mark Wagoner
SCC2 Mrs. Dee Talmage
SCC3 Senator David Goodman
SCC3 Speaker Jo Ann Davidson
SCC4 Mr. Gary Cates
SCC4 Mrs. Ann Becker
SCC5 Mr. Doug Cook
SCC5 Ms. Stephanie Garrett
SCC6 Mr. Pat Flanagan
SCC6 Mrs. Judy Westbrock
SCC7 Mr. Bob McEwen
SCC 7 Mrs. Michelle Schneider
SCC8 Mr. Alex Triantafilou
SCC8 Mrs. Mary Anne Christie
SCC9 Mr. Stanley Aronoff
SCC9 Ms. Crystal Faulkner
SCC10 Mr. Steve Austria
SCC10 Mrs. Christie Lewis Comerford
SCC11 Mr. Bill Delaney
SCC11 Chairman Meghan Gallagher
SCC12 Mr. Keith Cheney
SCC12 Ms. Becky Engel
SCC13 Mr. David J. Moore
SCC13 Mrs. Joyce Houck
SCC14 Mr. Greg Simpson
SCC14 Chairman Kay Reynolds
SCC15 Mr. Jim Burgess
SCC15 Mrs. Carolyn Petree
SCC16 Mr. Stephen White
SCC16 Ms. Susie O’Brien
SCC17 Mr. Phil Bowman
SCC17 Mrs. Bonnie Ward
SCC18 Mr. Scott Kayser
SCC18 Ms. Mary O’Toole
SCC19 Mr. Fred Dailey
SCC19 Mrs. Teri Morgan
SCC20 Chairman Pat Hennessey
SCC20 Ms. Diana Fleegle
SCC21 Mr. Joe Miller
SCC21 Mrs. Susan Rodman
SCC22 Speaker William Batchelder
SCC22 Ms. Sharon Ray
SCC23 Mr. Robert Frost
SCC23 Mrs. Candice Miller
SCC24 Mr. Brad Lamb
SCC24 Mrs. Nancy Suhadolnik
SCC 25 Mr. Bob Murphy
SCC25 Ms. Denise Verdi
SCC26 Mr. Gary Click
SCC26 Ms. Lisa Cooper
SCC27 Mr. Bryan Williams
SCC27 Mrs. Lauren LaRose
SCC28 Mr. Jim Simon
SCC28 Ms. Evelyn DeVitis
SCC29 Mr. Curt Braden
SCC29 Mrs. Sarah Brown
SCC30 Mr. Jim Carnes
SCC30 Mrs. Marilyn Ashcraft
SCC31 Mr. Gary Burkholder
SCC31 Ms. Betty Montgomery
SCC32 Mr. Casey O’Brien
SCC32 Ms. Melissa Pope
SCC33 Chairman Dave Johnson
SCC33 Ms. Tracey Winbush



What is the State Central Committee?

Ohio’s Republican Party SCC is composed of 66-elected members; 1 male, 1 female, from each of Ohio’s 33 State Senate Districts. The members are elected to two-year terms during the primary election on even-years (ex: 2010, 2012, 2014).

Members of this committee meet quarterly to vote on important party business and enact the bylaws that direct how the state party handles elections, endorsements, rules, contracts, and other party business.

The State Central Committee members also vote to nominate and elect the leadership positions within the state party.



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