Ohio GOP Releases Statement Ahead of State of the Union

COLUMBUS—Today, Chairman Alex Triantafilou released the following statement ahead of Joe Biden’s State of the Union address:

“Joe Biden’s war on energy, runaway spending and open borders have devastated our country for the past two years, and anything short of an apology during tonight’s State of the Union will be unacceptable to working Ohio families.”—Chairman Alex Triantafilou, Ohio Republican Party


    • According to a new ABC News poll, a record number of people say they are financially worse off under Joe Biden.
      • 41% of Americans say they’re worse off financially under Biden, highest percentage for any president in 37 years.
    • Nearly 600,000 migrants who crossed the border since March 2021 were released in the U.S. with no immigration court dates.
    • 72% of middle-class families say they are financially falling behind because of inflation.

Chairman Triantafilou Releases Statement Following Historic State of the State Address

COLUMBUS—Today, Ohio GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou released the following statement regarding Governor Mike DeWine’s historic State of the State address and positive vision for Ohio’s future:

“Thanks to Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted and Republican legislative leaders, Ohio is home to boundless opportunity for new businesses, families and children. We look forward to building on their successful efforts to cut taxes, grow our economy, and train skilled workers to fill the in-demand jobs of tomorrow.”—Ohio GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou

OPINION: Congress must break permitting shackles keeping US from energy independence

Lame Duck congressional session is always met with a jam-packed agenda. As the days rapidly tick by for the 117th Congress to finish their work, so is the time left to pass necessary permitting reform. So far, efforts to expedite federal permitting for infrastructure projects have stalled. We need Congress to come together to enact bipartisan reform to speed up project development for the infrastructure projects Americans depend on, both across the nation and right here in Buckeye state.

In Ohio, the energy sector employs hundreds of thousands of workers, and every region of the state benefits in one way or another from the domestic production of oil, natural gas and coal. But, whether it’s a plan to build additional pipelines in Ohio or a larger-scale federal project, the federal review and permitting process for building is a slow, taxing effort. On average, it takes 4.5 years for a new energy infrastructure project to clear permitting. The barrage of regulatory hurdles and protracted legal challenges delays, and sometimes kills, important new energy projects and their intended benefits.

Luckily, there is support to be found on both sides of the aisle. Rather than an issue that will divide groups, legislators can find a path forward to reform the permitting process – freeing it from unnecessary obstacles and creating positive impacts that will be directly felt in Ohio.

As a native, I understand the role the energy industry plays in Ohio, creating jobs and supporting our economy. In my career, I have become very familiar with the policies regulating traditional and clean energy, from supporting candidates who sought improvements for energy production to serving as deputy assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy. What was a priority then, is still a priority now – making energy affordable and reliable. And a vital way to lower energy prices is by boosting production right here at home.

Increasing production within our borders will generate new work, pairing good jobs with Ohio’s skilled workforce. As our reliable, domestic energy supply grows, prices in turn will fall, making energy more affordable for customers and small businesses in this state and all over the country. Reforming the permitting process is a strong first step in this direction. As the ease and efficiency of building energy infrastructure improves, shovel-ready projects will create jobs, boost economic growth, and produce a stable supply of power for decades to come.

In order to capitalize on these benefits in the Buckeye state, we need Congress to help us realize the full potential of reliable energy production in America. And there is no better time to act than now. Bipartisan support for permitting reform is growing stronger. During this lame duck session, legislators have an invaluable opportunity to remove some of the shackles hampering the permitting process. Enacting new rules for this reform, the U.S. will be better positioned to boost domestic production. If Congress succeeds in passing meaningful reforms to the permitting process, they will return America to the path of energy independence. As a result, Ohio customers, workers and businesses will be some of the first to reap the rewards of the subsequent job creation and economic growth.

See Chairman Paduchik’s Op-Ed in the Columbus Dispatch.

Ohio Republican Party Passes Resolution Rejecting Joe Biden’s Expansion of Title IX

COLUMBUS—Today the Ohio Republican Party passed the following resolution rejecting Joe Biden’s Expansion of Title IX:

Resolution to Support Parents and School Districts in Rejecting Harmful, Coercive, and Burdensome Gender Identity Policies and Protect School Lunch Programs and Other Federal Funding Subject to Title IX

RESOLVED, we the Republican State Central Committee of Ohio, emphatically support the original, authentic meaning of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 in accordance with the RNC platform. We unequivocally oppose the proposed regulatory changes released by the U.S. Department of Education on June 23, 2022. We support the lawsuit filed by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and 21 other state Attorneys General seeking to invalidate the newly enacted Department of Agriculture rules, that tie continued receipt of federal nutritional assistance and other funding subject to Title IX to the adoption of gender identity policies.

RESOLVED, the Republican State Central Committee resoundingly rejects President Joe Biden’s expansion of Title IX to include gender identification. We regard such expansion to be a federal overreach and a violation of the people’s trust to oversee their own local schools. We affirm we want all children in schools to be protected.

Ohio Republican Party Calls on Two Media Outlets and a Blog to Investigate Reporter Who Violated Ethics Rule

COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Republican Party today called on WCPO, WEWS and the “Ohio Capital Journal” blog to immediately launch an ethics investigation into reporter Morgan Trau for her slanted and false reporting on the campaign for Ohio Supreme Court. Ms. Trau, a registered Democrat, either intentionally used false information or failed to make the most basic of inquiries to ascertain the truth. Either way, her reporting resulted in a shockingly biased story passed off as nonpartisan and fell well short of a reporter’s obligation to be objective and fair.


Ms. Trau recently published a TV and web story on three Ohio Republican Supreme Court Justices, falsely asserting they may have broken the judicial ethics code. The only “evidence” presented in the story consisted of an opinion from a self-described “Democratic strategist” and abortion advocate who Ms. Trau claimed was “nonpartisan” and nothing more than an “ethics and bias lawyer.”


The first obligation in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics declares, “ethical journalism should be accurate and fair. Journalists should be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.” The evidence is irrefutable that Ms. Trau was not honest in the very first paragraph of her story:




Ms. Trau purposefully sought out and interviewed Tracy Pearson as one of these “nonpartisan lawyers.” Yet Tracy Pearson, is a self-proclaimed “democratic strategist,” according to her own website.



By purposefully selecting a self-declared ‘democratic strategist’ to criticize three Republican Ohio Supreme Court Justices and then falsely claiming that this Democrat strategist was somehow ‘non-partisan,’ Ms. Trau blatantly violated journalistic ethics and betrayed her viewers. News directors and editors at the media outlets and blog where this reporter works have a duty to promptly investigate this ethical violation.


Clearly, Ms. Pearson has an implicit bias on the topic of abortion and its impact on a political campaign as a staunch Democrat and pro-abortion advocate. There are many examples.


Ms. Pearson is an openly pro-abortion advocate on her Twitter feed, using the hashtag “#abortionishealthcare” to criticize Republicans and elect Democrats.







Ms. Pearson – using an Ohio example – ties Democrat election turnout to abortion:





Ms. Pearson, in a partisan screed well out of step with most Democrats, actually compared people who support the pro-life position with child rapists.




All of these extreme views on abortion and advocacy for Democrat candidates were available to Ms. Trau in a simple Google or Twitter search. But she either refused to do so or discovered the information and decided to hide it from her viewers. Either one violates conventional journalistic practices.


Ms. Pearson was so pleased with Ms. Trau’s story, she promoted it widely and even paid Twitter to publicize it further:






These facts would have discouraged any honest journalist from citing Ms. Pearson as a “nonpartisan” source on the topic of abortion in a partisan political campaign. The SPJ journalistic ethics code requires reporters to: “identify sources clearly. The public is entitled to as much information as possible to judge the reliability and motivations of sources.”


But rather than follow this ethics rule, Ms. Trau decided to base most of her reporting on Ms. Pearson’s highly partisan and ideological opinions.


In her Twitter bio. Ms. Trau claims she works for Cincinnati TV station WCPO, Cleveland TV station WEWS and a partisan news blog that calls itself “Ohio Capital Journal.”




Not only did she choose to use a pro-abortion, Democratic strategist in her story, Ms. Trau herself is a registered Democrat, according to Franklin County Board of Elections records.




Most reporters try to be fair and objective. But when a registered Democrat reporter colludes with a pro-abortion Democrat strategist to cobble together an abortion-related news story that misstates the law, it’s obvious that ethics rules have been broken. All these facts call into question the journalistic integrity of this piece and others published by Ms. Trau.


The Ohio Republican Party calls upon the news organizations and blog associated with Ms. Trau — WEWS Cleveland, the “Ohio Capital Journal” blog, and WCPO Cincinnati — to conduct internal investigations into the credibility, neutrality, and veracity of her reporting and publicize the results.

Paduchik Releases Statement Following First U.S. Senate Debate

COLUMBUS—Today, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Paduchik released the following statement regarding tonight’s U.S. Senate debate between J.D. Vance and Lyin’ Tim Ryan:

“Lyin’ Tim Ryan spent months trying to cover-up his 20-year failed political career, and tonight’s debate fully exposed him. The impressive performance from J.D. Vance proves exactly why he is the only choice for working Ohioans and will be a strong voice as Ohio’s next U.S. Senator.”—Chairman Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party

ORP Statement on Democrats’ Criticism of New Public Integrity Division

COLUMBUS—Today, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced a new initiative to expand investigative resources & focus on election integrity. Rather than join these efforts in a bipartisan manner, Ohio Democrats turned their backs on this innovative new program.

The Ohio Republican Party released the following statement regarding their criticism of the new Public Integrity Division:

“Democrats regularly mock law and order. They brush off concerns about election integrity, work to defund the police and open our borders. It should come as no surprise that they would take aim at a good government approach to streamlining public integrity efforts,” said Ohio Republican Party spokesman Dan Lusheck. “With the creation of a first-ever Public Integrity Division, Secretary LaRose is once again demonstrating his dedication to election integrity and fighting corruption.”

Ohio Democrats’ Dysfunctional Family Reunion

COLUMBUS—This weekend, Ohio Democrats are hosting a Dysfunctional Family Reunion, and we expect it will be notably similar to any other family political squabble, with very little to celebrate.

The Ohio Democrat Party is desperate to make inroads in Ohio with their party’s out of touch policies, many of which they cannot even agree on themselves. This, combined with a weak slate of down-ticket statewide candidates, is a recipe for disaster for them.

For example, when Joe Biden announced his student loan forgiveness boondoggle, the ODP was quick to thank him for his policies that would see Ohio workers pay off other people college degrees. Taylor Sappington took the approach of an entitled child and believed he “earned” loan forgiveness, and Tim Ryan and Nan Whaley did a 180-degree flip-fop and claim to now oppose the plan.

According to WVXU, Tim Ryan is “going out of his way” to make Democratic voters mad at him. He even went so far as to acknowledge that the brand of the Democrat party is radioactive, which is why he pretends to be conservative despite voting with Biden 100% of the time.

“We agree with Tim Ryan that the Democrat brand is radioactive, but he is missing a very important point—it isn’t the brand, but the out of touch policies, rampant spending, and failed leadership at every level of their party that is failing.”—Ohio GOP Spokesman Dan Lusheck

Bottom Line: With Ohio Democrats in utter disarray, its no surprise they neglected to invite crazy uncle Joe to their dysfunctional family reunion.

Ohio GOP Considers Formal Complaint Against Brunner Campaign for Violating Ohio Judicial Code of Conduct

COLUMBUS— Today, the Ohio Republican Party announced plans to instruct legal counsel to investigate and, based on their findings, potentially file a formal complaint against Jennifer Brunner’s campaign for violating the Ohio Judicial Code of conduct.

Rule 4.3, Campaign Standards and Communications, of the Ohio Judicial Code of Conduct states that:

During the course of any campaign for nomination or election to judicial office, a judicial candidate, by means of campaign materials, including sample ballots, advertisements on radio or television or in a newspaper or periodical, electronic communications, a public speech, press release, or otherwise, shall not knowingly or with reckless disregard do any of the following: 


  1. Post, publish, broadcast, transmit, circulate, or distribute information concerning the judicial candidate or an opponent, either knowing the information to be false or with a reckless disregard of whether or not it was false; 



1] A judicial candidate must be scrupulously fair and accurate in all statements made  

by the candidate and his or her campaign committee. This rule obligates the candidate and the  

committee to refrain from making statements that are false. 


Jennifer Brunner’s campaign has failed to live up to the Ohio Judicial Code of Conduct by falsely stating that Republican justices saluted when they were clearly waving to the crowd.

However, the video of the Newsmax coverage Brunner’s campaign cites clearly shows the true nature of the events. When President Trump recognized the Republican Ohio Supreme Court justices, they simply stood up and waved. Brunner’s campaign watched that same Newsmax video, and intentionally and dishonestly used a still photo to lie about what was happening and disparage Jennifer Brunner’s fellow justices.

“Jennifer Brunner’s campaign has clearly and shamelessly violated the Ohio Supreme Court’s Code of Conduct by blatantly lying about their Republican opponents,” said Chairman Bob Paduchik. “This is a matter that must be addressed immediately, and we are planning to engage our legal counsel to look into the matter and file a formal complaint.”

This is not the first time her campaign has been caught in a lie, but it is the first time they have been caught blatantly lying about their opponent.

Bottom Line: Jennifer Brunner should be disciplined for violating judicial ethics and allowing her campaign to dishonestly disparage her fellow justices.

Ohio GOP Statement on Democrats’ Pathetic Attempt to Take Credit for Intel

COLUMBUS—For the past week, Ohio Democrats have been desperate to take credit for Ohio Republicans’ work to land the Intel project in Central Ohio, the largest single investment in state history. While the federal CHIPS Act passed with bipartisan support, Ohio Democrats are quick to ignore the reality that this project landed in Ohio thanks to Republican leadership.

Joe Biden and Tim Ryan are trying to take a victory lap on the historic work of Mike DeWine, Jon Husted, and the Republican Legislature. This project could have gone anywhere in the United States, but Republicans’ sound policies and strong leadership are the only reason we are celebrating this groundbreaking in Ohio today.“—Chairman Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party

Bottom Line: What did Joe Biden and Tim Ryan actually do to land Intel in Ohio? The answer is clearly nothing.