Border Officials Brace for End of Title 42, Sherrod Brown Doesn’t “Hear Much” About Immigration

Columbus—Title 42 is set to end this Thursday, May 11, and Joe Biden’s Administration is woefully unprepared. Even Democrats are “railing” against Biden and Kamala Harris’ handling of the southern border as the Title 42 expiration approaches.

Already, we have seen over 6.3 million illegal border crossings under Biden. This includes the 1.3 million gotaways that have escaped past Border Patrol into the U.S. The expiration of the immigration policy will surely make matters worse.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to concern Democrats like Sherrod Brown, who sees the open border only as a concern of the “far-right.” Thanks to Joe Biden’s open border and Sherrod Brown’s indifference, Ohio ranked third in country for highest total fentanyl deaths in 2021.

Bottom Line: An open border only leads to dangerous drugs and violent crime reaching Ohio. Joe Biden’s crisis is going to get a lot worse, and Sherrod Brown simply doesn’t care.