Brunner Campaign Misleads Public About Eric Holder Financial Ties

Yesterday, Jennifer Brunner‘s campaign released a statement that downplayed Eric Holder’s role in her 2020 fundraiser.  In doing so, Jennifer Brunner is covering up the fact that Eric Holder and affiliated groups financially supported Justice Brunner‘s campaign.  Let’s look at the facts: here is yesterday’s statement from the Brunner campaign and the actual invitation for their fundraiser:




Downplaying that he was simply “in attendance,” when he was clearly a special guest meant to attract donations is a comical thing to lie about. But what is worse is implying that no contributions from Eric Holder made its way to the Ohio Supreme Court race.  The Ohio Democratic Party reported contributions from Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting PAC in their state candidate fund, conveniently omitting what the funds were intended for.





However, the National Democratic Redistricting PAC’s FEC reports paint a much clearer picture. This report plainly shows that their donation went to an Ohio Democratic Party Supreme Court Fund to help elect Democrats to the Ohio Supreme Court, including Justice Brunner, so that they could all but guarantee favorable outcomes in future redistricting cases.




Bottom Line: Jennifer Brunner claims Eric Holder and his affiliated groups never donated to her 2020 campaign. Clearly this is downplaying the truth at best, and an outright lie at worst. Either way, she clearly is not being upfront with her close political and financial ties with plaintiffs in the redistricting cases, and should do the right thing and recuse herself.