Can Somebody Check on the Democrats?

COLUMBUS—Yesterday, Governor Mike DeWine made it clear that Ohioans should have the opportunity to vote for their preferred major-party candidate for U.S. President, a decision that was widely supported by Republicans including Ohio Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou, Senator JD VanceBernie Moreno, and many other Republicans.

Common sense would dictate that Ohio Democrats would want their party’s nominee, and sitting president, to appear on the ballot this November. However, here’s a sampling of their response:

  • Allison Russo called it, “spoiled milk.”
  • Senator Bill DeMora wildly claimed after months of Democrats’ complaining that they “don’t need” the legislation. This is the same guys whose strategy for getting Biden on the ballot was to “just to say they did it.”
  • The Ohio Democratic Party outright lied by stating, somehow, that the Republican Governor calling a special session with the specific intention of placing Joe Biden on the ballot amounted to preventing “…Ohioans from choosing who they want to be president…”
It appears that one, or both, of these things must be true:
  1. Ohio Democrats do not actually want Joe Biden on the ballot because they know he will be detrimental to Sherrod Brown, or
  2. They are finally admitting that their so called “citizen initiatives” actually rely on foreign dark money and they can’t afford to see that cash cow go away.

Bottom Line
: While Democrats would rather play politics than get their own President on the ballot, Republicans will do what is in the best interest of ALL Ohioans. Somebody should probably check on them to make sure they are okay.