Chairman's Update 10/22

Hear from Chairman Jane Timken and our Republican Elected Officials about what's happening with the Ohio GOP!

Last week we learned that Congressman Pat Tiberi will resign before the end of his term next year. 
For sixteen years, Congressman Tiberi has served his constituents, the state of Ohio and the nation with unquestionable integrity and determination. While it is hard to see Congressman Tiberi leave, we wish him the best of luck and thank him for all he has done to strengthen the our party and our state.
Also, in case you missed it, Sherrod Brown spent his week claiming to support tax reform, even going on Fox News to say he liked it. Unsurprisingly though, he voted against the Senate budget which paves the way for tax reform, and then held a fundraiser with Elizabeth Warren on Friday. Sherrod says one thing and does another. Ohioans deserve better.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party 
Senator Portman on Senate Floor: Budget Provides Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity to Reform our Broken Tax Code
In a speech on the Senate floor Thursday night, Senator Portman discussed the opportunity to reform our outdated tax code to ease the burden on the middle class, increase jobs and wages for workers, and encourages jobs and investment in America, not overseas. 

Senator Portman said, in part: " Nothing is more important than fixing this broken tax code if we're going to see the kind of economic growth and improvement in wages that we all hope for."
Former Presidential Candidate, Pro Life Champion Rick Santorum Endorses Mike DeWine 

Senator Santorum stopped at K's Diner in Troy to talk to Miami County Republicans and offer his enthusiastic support to Mike DeWine.
"Ohio needs someone with conviction and someone they can trust. And I can tell you Mike DeWine is a strong conservative and someone we can trust. Whether it is protecting the rights of the unborn, fighting the opiate epidemic or creating jobs, Ohio Republicans can count on Mike DeWine to deliver," said Santorum. "I am proud to call Mike DeWine my friend and I can't wait to call him Governor DeWine."
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Husted Campaign Hits 13 Cities in One Weekend

This weekend, Jon Husted's campaign held a Super Saturday event where they reached out to over 15,000 Republican voters on behalf of the Husted for Governor campaign and 10 different local Republican candidates. 

Secretary and Mrs. Husted traveled the state to speak with volunteers, knock on doors and make phone calls, including stops in Lima, Lancaster, Canal Winchester, Athens, Dayton and Columbus. Overall, there were over 80 volunteers, making up 17 teams in 13 cities statewide. You can see photos and videos of the day by searching the hashtag #HustedGameDay on social media.
Jim Renacci Goes Live, Voices Support for President Trump and Fights for Battlefield Cross Marker

Last week, Jim Renacci held his first Facebook Live of the campaign. He answered questions on issues concerning Ohioans, from tax reform to vocational education, and discussed his campaign to put Ohio first. Jim looks forward to doing another Facebook Live in the future and hopes you can participate in the discussion.
Jim also visited the Battlefield Cross marker at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery. After the marker was callously removed, he worked toward getting this symbol of the fallen hero back in its place and was honored to be a part of the effort. Unwavering in his commitment to patriotism and this country, Jim voiced his ongoing support for President Donald Trump during an interview with HLN's Carol Costello "I know the President well. He is sincere when he talks, and I believe in him." 
Mary Taylor Discusses Plan for Job Creation

Lt. Governor Taylor went on the road last week to discuss her plan for job creation with businesses across Ohio. Her plan would build upon the principles of Ohio's Common Sense Initiative (CSI) and cut red tape for Ohio businesses. Over the last seven years, CSI has fixed or eliminated over 7,000 business impacting regulations.  
Mary Taylor wants to change the culture within state government to make it more business-friendly and recognize Ohio job creators as partners in economic development. She would install a 'Jobs Cabinet' whose sole mission will be to implement a jobs-friendly attitude in every state agency.
Auditor Dave Yost Has a Busy Week Connecting with Ohio Voters
Last week was a busy one for Auditor of State Dave Yost as he campaigned across the state. Yost started the week in Akron, then visited with voters in Gallipolis and spoke about his work as state auditor to find efficiency savings, and his commitment to defending the Second Amendment and life as Ohio's next attorney general.
Later in the week, Yost visited with students at the University Dayton, and discussed the importance of getting involved locally.
Auditor Yost also announced that local governments in Ohio will save $1.2 million in fees over the next year, thanks to his office's work. 
Josh Mandel Accepts Cleveland Police Union Endorsement

Josh Mandel has received the endorsement of the Cleveland police union in his race for 2018 Senate against Sherrod Brown.
"Mandel earned the endorsement for his strong pro-police stances ensuring that our police officers, who put themselves in harm's way every day to protect the citizens, can do their jobs and enforce the rule of law," according to a union press release.
"I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Cleveland Police union," said Treasurer Mandel. "Police officers have a tough enough job as it is, and now it is time for the media and politicians to stop using police as punching bags. It's time the men and women in blue get the respect that they deserve."
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Ohio House Members Participate in Ohio Defense Forum
Last week, House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and State Rep. Rick Perales participated in the 2017 Ohio Defense Forum, hosted by the Dayton Development Coalition. The military is vital to many Ohio communities, which is why our economy relies on the continued investment in the military industry across our state.

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