Chairman’s Update 10/11/20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

Last week’s vice presidential debate showcased the proven, principled leadership that Vice President Mike Pence has provided to President Trump’s Administration. Kamala Harris refused to answer questions on whether Joe Biden would pack the courts, and she continued with her political games by telling the American people she will not get vaccinated if President Trump is the one who urges Americans to do so, undermining confidence in the health professionals who are working to develop a coronavirus vaccine. In 2019, Harris was ranked the most liberal of all 100 senators. There is no doubt that she plans on bringing her radical, progressive agenda to the White House.

With 23 days to go until Election Day, we must continue fighting for President Trump’s re-election. Under a Biden Administration, our taxes will be raised, our police will be defunded, and America’s energy sector will be destroyed. We must re-elect President Trump for Four More Years.

Early voting started last week. Whether you will be voting early in-person or by mail, it is important to know who is on the ballot. You can find the Republican slate card at

If you are interested in signing up to be a poll worker, visit for more information. You will get paid for your time while helping to defend democracy and make this election a successful one. You can also sign up to join Team Trump’s Election Day Team to assist with grassroots operations and Getting Out The Vote (GOTV). You can find more information here.


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


VIDEO: Portman Praises Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Serve on U.S. Supreme Court

In a new video, Senator Portman praises the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve as the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Portman discusses how Judge Barrett is well-qualified to fill this role and apply the law impartially without legislating from the bench. Highlighting her impressive background as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, a law professor at Notre Dame Law School, and a working parent to seven children, Portman said that he looks forward to meeting with Judge Barrett as the fair and thorough evaluation process continues in the Senate.

The video can be found here.


DeWine Visits 4 Cities to Highlight Rise in COVID-19 Cases

On Friday, Governor DeWine spoke with media across the state about the recent rise of COVID-19 cases throughout Ohio.

“What we’re seeing across the state is many cases are coming from social gatherings- parties, people getting together, not wearing masks, not keeping distance. We’re seeing bad trends. We can’t let this virus flare up,” said Governor DeWine.

On Thursday, Governor DeWine released Ohio’s updated Public Health Advisory System map. New health data compiled by the Ohio Department of Health found that 18 counties currently have a very high risk of exposure and spread (Level 3): Ashland, Butler, Fayette, Hamilton, Lawrence, Madison, Mahoning, Marion, Mercer, Montgomery, Muskingum, Pike, Portage, Putnam, Richland, Ross, Scioto,  and Trumbull.

“We have 18 Red counties, which is more than we’ve seen since the week of July 23,” said Governor DeWine. “Additionally, there are 58 Orange counties this week, the highest ever. 96% of Ohioans are living in a Red or Orange county. The virus continues to spread quickly throughout the state, and we need to continue staying at home when sick, wearing a mask when out, and keeping at least six feet between you and those outside of your household.”

A county-by-county breakdown outlining the presence of COVID-19 in all of Ohio’s 88 counties can be found on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System’s website.

Husted Works to Make Ohio Entrepreneur Capital of Midwest

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted last week announced the successes achieved since the Ohio IP Promise was launched just over a year ago. Since it’s inception, Ohio’s universities have seen a significant uptick in the number of businesses spun out of inventions and research on their campuses, including a 400% increase in commercialization at the University of Cincinnati last year alone. The Ohio IP Promise seeks to make our colleges and universities magnets for innovation and entrepreneurship by establishing a clear path to commercializing intellectual property. All the state’s public universities are part of the partnership as well as the University of Dayton and Case Western Reserve University.

Yost Announces New Milestone in Study of Opioid Addiction

Attorney General Dave Yost announced an enrollment milestone was reached in the genetic study of opioid use disorder undertaken by his Scientific Committee on Opioid Prevention and Education (SCOPE). SCOPE launched an unprecedented study last year aimed at identifying the genetic factors that make some individuals more susceptible than others to developing an opioid addiction. The study could help prevent some people from developing an opioid addiction in the future.

Recruitment of study participants in underway in the emergency departments of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. UC has now reached the initial milestone of enrolling 100 patients.

“Why is it that two people can take the same drug in the same dosage and only one becomes addicted?” Yost said. “We think genetics will help us understand why, and we want to get that powerful information into the hands of physicians to help stop opioid addiction before it starts.”


Early Voting Starts in Ohio

On Tuesday, Ohio started voting in the 2020 General Election. All indications point to high turnout as Ohioans all across the state take advantage of Ohio’s varied voting options.
You can now take advantage of 216 hours of safe and secure early in-person voting, request your absentee ballot, or wait to vote on Election Day! Make your plan now! Visit to find early voting hours and your voting location!


Auditor Faber Urges Local Governments to Help Small Businesses

Auditor of State Keith Faber encourages local governments to use their latest round of CARES act dollars to help struggling small businesses in their communities. “So long as this virus continues limiting Ohioans’ ability to do business,” Faber wrote, “it is government’s obligation to do its part to ensure those Ohioans aren’t financially ruined.”
You can read the full oped here.

Sprague Welcomes New Partners to Ohio Checkbook 

On Wednesday, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague welcomed the City of Pickerington (Fairfield County) and Charlestown Township (Portage County) to the ranks of the Ohio Checkbook. The communities are the latest in a series of local government entities who have joined the online transparency platform since the new was launched in late June.
In addition to local government spending data, now features real-time reporting of state expenditures that was previously made available through Ohio’s Interactive Budget.


With Weeks to Go Until Election – Kennedy Continues to Cross Ohio

Justice Sharon L. Kennedy enjoyed another week  criss-crossing our beautiful Ohio and speaking with voters. With church services in Salem and Zanesville as the bookends, she attended events, sat down with local newspapers, spoke to Canton-area Rotary Clubs and Cleveland’s Black on Black Crime group, and logged on to various virtual meet the candidates forums and town halls in between.

“We have all devoted countless hours, working tirelessly toward November 3rd,” said Sharon. “With only 23 days left to vote we must continue working hard and stay positive. I challenge you to make one more phone call, send another text, make additional posts on Facebook and Twitter – remind your friends and family just how important the race for the Ohio Supreme Court is – and ask them to vote for a Kennedy on November 3rd.”

Justice French Earns Columbus Dispatch Endorsement 
Judi was endorsed by the Columbus Dispatch this week.  In their endorsement the Dispatch noted the importance of the Supreme Court races and the fact that Judi was rated “Highly Recommended” by the Ohio State Bar Association, the best rating available and higher than her opponent.
Speaker Cupp Hits Campaign Trail for Northeast Ohio Candidates
Speaker Cupp hit the trail for House candidates in northeast Ohio. Knocking doors for Tom Patton, Shay Hawkins and Bob Young, Speaker Cupp and the entire Republican caucus is committed to maintaining a strong Republican majority in the Ohio House of Representatives!