Chairman’s Update 9.20.20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Vice President Mike Pence in Zanesville to celebrate Ohio workers. The crowd was filled with Ohio’s working men and women, many of them employed by the energy industry and likely to lose their jobs under a Biden Administration. Joe Biden’s policies will put millions of Americans in the unemployment line as he plans to raise taxes, eliminate private health insurance, and seeks more government intervention in all of our lives. The Vice President made it clear that Americans need another Four More Years of our incredible president, who has cut taxes, provided help for small businesses and families in tough times, and who is working to make our economy stronger than ever once again.

On Friday, I was saddened to learn of the passing of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spent much of her life working toward gender equality within the law, fighting for equal pay and equality in the workplace. Justice Ginsburg was a force, and she leaves behind a great legacy.

Below, you can find links to RSVP to Team Trump Bus Tour events in your county:

Thursday, September 24th 

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Friday, September 25th 

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Saturday, September 26th

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Cleveland Black Voices for Trump Event 


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


Portman Statement on Supreme Court Vacancy

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s vacancy:

“In the more than two dozen vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court during a presidential election year in our nation’s history, the sitting president made a nomination in every single case.  Leader McConnell has said that he will hold a vote on any nominee President Trump sends to the Senate, and I intend to fulfill my role as a U.S. Senator and judge that nominee based on his or her merits. The president was elected in 2016, in part, based on a commitment to nominate men and women to the judiciary who would fairly and impartially apply the law and protect the rights guaranteed by the Constitution, not advance public policy goals by legislating from the bench.  Likewise, in both 2016 and 2018, the American people have re-elected a Republican Senate majority to help President Trump fulfill that commitment.

“In 2016, when the vacancy occurred following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, I said ‘the president has every right to nominate a Supreme Court justice … But the founders also gave the Senate the exclusive right to decide whether to move forward on that nominee.’ Since the 1880s, no Senate has confirmed an opposing-party president’s Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year.  In contrast, when the presidency and the Senate are controlled by the same party, the precedent is for the president’s nominees to get confirmed. In the 19 occasions that a vacancy has occurred when the President and the Senate are of the same party, the Senate has confirmed the nominee and filled the seat in every instance but one.  I look forward to seeing who President Trump plans to nominate and thoroughly assessing his or her qualifications for this important role.”



Governor DeWine Signs COVID-19 Liability Protection Bill

On MondayGovernor DeWine signed House Bill 606 into law. House Bill 606, sponsored by Representative Diane Grendell, ensures civil immunity to individuals, schools, health care providers, businesses, and other entities from lawsuits arising from exposure, transmission, or contraction of COVID-19, or any mutation of the virus, as long as they were not showing reckless, intentional, or willful misconduct.

It also shields health care providers from liability in tort actions regarding the care and services they provide during this pandemic unless they were acting recklessly or displaying intentional misconduct.

House Bill 606 was supported by several associations, including the AICUO, CCAO, Inter-University Council of Ohio, NFIB, Ohio Association of Community Colleges, Ohio Business Roundtable, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Hospital Association, Ohio Hotel & Lodging Association, the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, Ohio Metro Chambers Coalition, Ohio Municipal League, Ohio Restaurant Association, Ohio School Boards Association, Ohio State Medical Association, Ohio’s Superintendent Association and Ohio Township Association among others.

Lt. Governor Husted Focuses on Expanding High Speed Internet

Lt. Governor Jon Husted continues to press for expanded access to high-speed, broadband internet for more Ohioans. With hundreds of thousands of Ohio households left behind, the DeWine-Husted Administration has made expanding broadband a top priority. The issue has been further brought to light during the COVID-19 crisis as many students are learning from home and may fall behind without access to online lessons. The new broadband grant, announced by the Lt. Governor, is giving districts, many of them in rural Ohio, a boost to ensure continued learning opportunities for Ohio kids.

Yost Requests the Removal of “Cuties” from Netflix

Attorney General Dave Yost, along with attorneys general from three other states, sent a letter to the CEO of Netflix last week requesting the removal of the controversial film “Cuties” from the streaming service. The film repeatedly shows children in a sexualized manner, even showing the creation and publication of child pornography.

“In this era where we are fighting a seemingly never-ending battle against human trafficking, this film is counterproductive – it whets the appetites of those who wish to harm our children in the most unimaginable ways,” Yost said. “I vehemently opposed the continued streaming of the movie and request that it is voluntarily removed.”

You can read the full letter here, and learn more about Yost’s ongoing fight against trafficking and exploitation here.


LaRose Recruits Fellow Veterans to Serve a Second Call to Duty


This week, Secretary LaRose was proud to host an event with leaders of Ohio Veteran’s Service Organizations to announce a special poll worker recruitment initiative called ‘A Second Call to Duty’. With this innovative recruiting program LaRose calls on his fellow veterans to continue keeping their oath of enlistment to “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” by serving Ohio and America in a new way — as an Election Day poll worker!

Sign up to be a poll worker today at!


Auditor Faber Rallies with Party Faithful in Ashland

Auditor of State Keith Faber joined with volunteers in Ashland to remind them of the importance of re-electing Donald Trump And our Supreme Court Justices this November. The stakes are high and Auditor Faber knows that we can rely on President Trump to promote the economy, cut taxes, and appoint conservative judges to the courts.

Treasurer Sprague Calls Additional Support for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

On Thursday, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague called for at least $100 million in Ohio’s remaining CARES Act allocation to be used for the creation of small business grants. The grants would provide much-needed support and relief to Ohio’s job creators severely impacted by the ongoing pandemic. 
“For more than six months now, Ohioans have confronted COVID-19 with courage and resolve – two characteristics indelible to the Buckeye State,” said Treasurer Sprague. “However, the long-term effects this pandemic has on our economy remain unpredictable. With thousands of small businesses across the state closed or operating at a limited capacity, now is the time to utilize this federal relief to support Ohio’s small businesses and the families who depend on them.”
The proposal has already garnered support from several of Ohio’s leading business associations, including: the National Federation of Independent Business (Ohio), the Ohio Business Roundtable, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and the Ohio Restaurant Association


Kennedy Touches 10 More Counties This Week
Justice Sharon L. Kennedy spent another great week traveling Ohio – touching 10 counties and heading into the final stretch of touching all 88 for a second time in 2020.
Sharon began her week doing something she loves – shooting trap at the beautiful Cardinal Center in Morrow County.  After that it was a whirlwind week of: emphasizing the importance of voting down the ticket at home in Butler; rallying Lincoln Day Dinner guests in Darke; urging supporters in Logan County to tell their family and friends about the importance of this year’s race; speaking to Rotarians at the Northeast Cincinnati Rotary Club about the Ohio Judicial System And You; and addressing the current JoAnn Davidson Institute Leadership Class about the W5-H formula for success. In between she stopped to thank volunteers in Greene County and knocked doors in Preble, Hardin, and Darke Counties.
“One of the best parts of my job is traveling our beautiful state – seeing old friends and making new ones, but it’s always special to come home,” said Sharon as she addressed the Butler County rally attendees. “As I look into this crowd, I see family. People that have stood beside me since my first campaign in 1998 for the trial court. I am humbled by the support and love I have received from all of you over the past 20+ years. Now, I ask for your help once again. To share my story of service, tell your loved ones just how important this Supreme Court race is and remind them to vote all the way down the ballot – whether from their kitchen table or their polling location – for a Kennedy on November 3rd.”
Justice French Visits 14 Counties, Celebrates Ohio Businesses

While campaigning across the state this week, Judi found time to visit and celebrate Ohio businesses. Whether visiting a raceway, a bison ranch or an HVAC service company, Judi understands the importance of learning about the issues Ohio businesses face and the impacts of judicial rulings and procedures. In just a week, Judi visited 14 counties scattered throughout the state. She’ll keep up that pace all the way to Election Day 2020.