Do Ohio Dem Gov candidates support Tom Steyer’s left-wing agenda?

Last night, far left California billionaire Tom Steyer held an event in Columbus where he pushed his radical anti-jobs policies and called for the impeachment of President Trump. He is slated to hold another rally in Cincinnati today.

Steyer’s visit to Ohio raises questions for the state’s Democrat gubernatorial candidates Dennis Kucinich, Richard Cordray, Bill O’Neill, and Joe Schiavoni. Steyer and his super PAC have spent years donating tens of millions of dollars to Democrats candidates in order to push his left-wing agenda and is likely to spend a large sum on Ohio’s Democrat gubernatorial nominee this year.

As Steyer pushes for policies that would take Ohio’s economy backwards as well as the impeachment of a president who won Ohio by nearly 9 points, voters deserve to know if Democrats running for governor stand with his radical views. Do they plan on taking donations from Steyer and his Super PAC to bring his far-left agenda to Ohio?