Failed Mayor Nan Whaley’s Rampant Hypocrisy

COLUMBUS—Everyone knows that Nan Whaley was a complete failure for the City of Dayton. From raising taxes and fees while the city endured record high poverty rates, to failing to manage skyrocketing violent crime on her watch, she utterly failed as the executive of her city.

Sadly, not only is she a poor leader who left her city worse off, but her record shows a disturbing trend of lies and hypocrisy:

On issue after issue, failed Mayor Nan Whaley shows an astounding level of hypocrisy because she knows her record is unpopular with Ohio voters; a stark contrast to Governor DeWine who has shown consistent leadership and continues to deliver on his promises to Ohio.“—Ohio GOP Spokesman Dan Lusheck
Bottom Line: Nan Whaley is out of touch with Ohio voters, and her hypocrisy is catching up with her. She pretends to be from the “working class,” but in reality, she is nothing more than a lifelong political staffer who has pushed Democrats’ radical agenda every step of the way.