ICYMI…. Federal Judge Eviscerates Russia Collusion Hoaxer Marc Elias For Aiming To Undermine New York Elections

In case you missed it… The Federalist recently ran an article that exposed Marc Elias for his long record of playing fast and loose with the law and using his vast resources to rig elections across the United States. His most recent efforts solicited a sharp rebuke from a federal judge in New York.

Elias’ most recent berating is far from the first time his election meddling tactics were shunned or completely rejected by a court. In January, a federal court refused to grant Elias’s request to rescind their sanctions against him for deceiving judges in his attempts to fight Republicans in Texas who banned straight-ticket voting in the 2020 election. Two of the three judges on the original panel agreed to sanction Elias and his team for purposefully lacking “candor” in a courtroom setting.

Unfortunately, this is the same Marc Elias who has stopped at nothing in his efforts to gerrymander Ohio’s legislative and congressional maps in favor of Democrats. He is also the same Marc Elias who funded the discredited Steele Dossier meant to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

There is no bridge too far for radical leftists like Marc Elias. His lies, deceit, and unsavory tactics do not have a place in the Buckeye State, but that doesn’t seem to bother Ohio Democrats who are happy to do his bidding as long as the outcome favors their party.”—Ohio Republican Party Spokesman Dan Lusheck

Bottom Line: Marc Elias and his Democrat allies do not want “fair maps.” They want to use their endless resources to help Democrats win in states like Ohio where voters consistently reject their far-left policies.

Read more in The Federalist here.