Joe Biden Moves Forward with Trump’s “Vanity Project”

COLUMBUS—Yesterday, Joe Biden “stunned” his allies in Washington by moving forward with construction of the border wall that he also says doesn’t work….. Huh?

Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown has described the wall as Trump’s “vanity project,” and Democrats boldly labeled the commonsense project to physically secure the border as “racist.

Because of their unhinged response to Republican border policies, they created an unprecedented border crisis. Their crisis is even leading big-city Democrat mayors to rebuke their failed policies. New York Mayor Eric Adams went so far as to say Biden’s border crisis will “destroy New York City.”

Every Democrat in Congress owns this crisis, consistently voting for policies that make the border and country less secure.

Bottom Line: The Biden Administration’s latest move is nothing less than laughable in the face of their complete failure to lead. If Democrats like Sherrod Brown would have been serious about addressing this crisis instead of trying to score political wins against Donald Trump, our border, communities, and families would be safer.