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The October Jobs Report - A Great Closing Message

Graphic by MarketWatch Read More

Republicans Embark on Protecting Ohio's Future Tour

Comrade Cordray - Communists for Cordray

This is not a joke. The Communist Party USA is targeting Ohio's gubernatorial race in hopes of getting Richard Cordray elected. Read More

ORP Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 6, 2018 Columbus - Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation: "Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation will ensure future Supreme Court decisions are based on interpretations of the law and Constitution as written. Today's vote is a victory for our right to due process and serves as a reminder to voters just how critical the upcoming election is to preserving that right. Senate Democrats, including Sherrod Brown, engaged in one of the most despicable political ploys in American history and will face the consequences on November 6th." ### Read More

Record at CFPB a Liability for Cordray

New reporting suggests that Richard Cordray's record as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is coming back to haunt him in the Governor's race.  Read More

Sex, Lies and Aftab Pureval

Democrat Aftab Pureval has been exposed for lying about using a local campaign account to fund a poll for his federal campaign.   Read More

Cordray Thinks He's a Baller

Running ads to highlight his nerdiness must not be working out for Richard Cordray. Now he wants you to think he's cool and plays basketball like Obama. It’s like the campaign is desperately trying to make him relevant and likable. Read More

The Record is Clear - Sherrod Brown's Past Brought to Light

Sherrod Brown’s first wife accused him of physical and verbal abuse and was granted a restraining order against him. If this is the first time you've heard of Brown's violent past, it's because Democrats and Ohio media have swept it under the rug. Read More

What you should know about Obama's visit for Cordray

What you should know about Obama’s campaign stop for Cordray By Chairman Jane Timken Read More

Richard Cordray would raise your taxes

Over the last few weeks, Richard Cordray has changed his tune on raising taxes, but he can't change his record.  Read More