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Again? Richard Cordray Caught Making Offensive Nazi Comparisons for the Second Time this Week

Richard Cordray Failed Ohio Families

As Ohio's Attorney General, Richard Cordray failed Ohio families by allowing rape kits to go untested, letting rapists off the hook.  Read More

Richard Cordray Refuses to Apologize for Comparing Republicans to Nazi Collaborators

It's been two days since The Cincinnati Enquirer first reported on Richard Cordray’s offensive comments comparing Republicans to Nazi collaborators, but Cordray has refused to apologize, only claiming he “regrets” how his words were received. Read More

6 Months Later - Tax Cuts are Working for Ohio Families

Pence knocks Sherrod Brown in Ohio, boosts Renacci

Small Business Endorses DeGenaro & Baldwin in Supreme Court Races

The NFIB OH PAC, the political action committee of NFIB in Ohio, has announced the endorsements of Justice Mary DeGenaro and Judge Craig Baldwin as the best candidates for seats on the Ohio Supreme Court for the 2018 Ohio general election this coming November. Read More

Winning - President Trump's First 500 Days by the Numbers

Richard Cordray’s Tyrannical Federal Reign Disqualifies His Bid For Ohio Governor

By Dean Clancy Ohio voters deserve to know more about Cordray, a liberal lawyer who for four years ran the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) under Presidents Obama and Trump. Even a cursory examination reveals Cordray to be more than just a self-promoting pit bull with vaguely monarchical tendencies. He is also a corrupt partisan hack. Read More

Sherrod Brown Misleads in Attack on Jim Renacci

Ohio Jobless Rate Hits 17-Year-Low Under Republicans

News broke last week that Ohio's jobless rate hit a 17-year-low in April, reminding us of how far we've come since the dark days of Ted Strickland and Richard Cordray. Read More