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Sherrod Brown Voted Against You

When Nancy Pelosi says tax reform bonuses are nothing but “crumbs,” Sherrod Brown nods in agreement. However, if you ask Ohio workers, they'll likely disagree. Take Deana for example. Deana is an employee at Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash, Ohio. She is looking at a tax cut of $1,500 in addition to the $1,000 bonus that Sheffer is already giving her. Listen to what tax reform means for Deana: Deana's story is a perfect example of what tax reform means for hardworking Americans. More money in the bank, more opportunity, and a brighter future. Unfortunately, Democrats like Sherrod Brown want to repeal the new tax law and Deana's bonus along with it. In the words of President Trump, "Senator Brown voted against us, and fought us like crazy.  Just remember that. He voted against you."  So far, more than 300 companies have given their employees bonuses. That's more than 3,000,000 Americans with more money in their pockets because companies are investing in their workers. Something Sherrod Brown said would not happen.  Here are some of the companies, either headquartered in Ohio, or with large Ohio footprints, that have given tax reform bonuses:  Anthem, employs 3,700 Ohioans.  Best Buy, employs 3,000 Ohioans.  Bruns General Contracting, based in Tipp City. Charter Communications, employs 7,000 Ohioans. e-Cycle, an environmental services company based in Columbus. FedEx, employs 4,700 Ohioans.  Fiat Chrysler, employs 6,130 Ohioans. Fifth Third Bank, employs 8,800 Ohioans. Home Depot, employs 12,000 Ohioans. Jergens, Inc., a manufacturing company based in Cleveland. JPMorgan Chase, employs 21,000 Ohioans. KeyCorp, employs 5,900 Ohioans.  Lowe’s, employs 11,800 Ohioans. Nationwide Mutual Insurance, employs 15,000 Ohioans. Based in Columbus. PNC, employs 7,000 Ohioans. Sheffer Corporation, based in Blue Ash. Steris, employs 1,500 Ohioans. UPS, employs 14,000 Ohioans. U.S. Bank, employs 5,280 Ohioans.  Verizon, employs 3,800 Ohioans.  Walmart, employs 50,000 Ohioans.  Western & Southern Financial Group, based in Cincinnati. Wolf Metals, based in Columbus. Read More

Kathleen Clyde puts dollars over domestic abuse

A recent fundraiser for Democrat Kathleen Clyde was hosted by a man with a domestic violence conviction. Louis Giavasis, who currently serves as the Stark County Clerk of Courts, was convicted of domestic violence in 1995. Why did Kathleen Clyde allow a convicted domestic abuser to host a fundraiser for her? Will she give Louis Giavasis' money back and denounce him? Read More

Tax bill beginning to deliver bigger paychecks to workers

By: SARAH SKIDMORE SELL, AP The contentious tax overhaul is beginning to deliver a change that many will welcome — bigger paychecks. Workers are starting to see more take-home pay as employers implement the new withholding guidelines from the IRS, which dictate how much employers withhold from pay for federal taxes. Those whose checks have remained the same shouldn’t fret — employers have until Feb. 15 to make the changes. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has estimated that the new rules will mean more take-home pay for about 90 percent of American workers. How much extra cash? It depends on several factors, such as workers’ income, how often they are paid and the number of withholdings allowances they claim on their IRS Form W-4 with their employer. Those whose employers were quick to make the change welcomed the extra money — anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Wayne Love, who works in managed care in Spring Hill, Florida, got an extra $200 in his paycheck last week, which he said will help offset a $300 increase in the cost of his health insurance. “I have heard time and again that the middle class is getting crumbs, but I’ll take it!” Love said by email. Read more here. Read More

Celebrating Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement: "Black History Month is a time to celebrate the momentous contributions that African Americans have made to our society, and to renew our commitment to freedom and opportunity for all. From George Washington Williams, Ohio's first African American state legislator, to Jennette Bradley, the first African American woman elected to statewide office, and many others, the contributions of African Americans have made the state of Ohio and the Ohio Republican Party stronger." Read More

Viewers approve of Trump's first State of the Union address

Voters gave President Trump high marks last night after watching his State of the Union address. 75% approved, including 97% of Republicans and 72% of independents 81% felt Trump’s speech was trying to unite the country rather than divide it 91% favored what they heard on infrastructure 75% favored what they heard on national security 72% favored what they heard on immigration Read More

ORP Reaction to President Trump's State of the Union Address

Please see the statement below from Chairman Jane Timken regarding President Trump's first State of the Union Address. "Tonight, President Trump delivered a heartfelt message to the American people - that together we can take the unprecedented successes of the last year and build a safer, stronger and prouder America." "The President emphasized economic successes from his first year, such as wage increases for millions of Americans, job creation and a record number of stock market highs. In Ohio, people from all walks of life are feeling the effects, but we need look no further than President Trump's guest tonight, Corey Adams. Corey is a skilled welder at Staub Manufacturing Solutions in Dayton, Ohio, whose job is more secure today than it was a year ago. As a result, Corey and his wife became first-time homeowners in 2017. Additionally, thanks to tax reform, they will have extra money to save for their daughters’ education. The American Dream is becoming a reality for more Ohioans like Corey, which is something worth celebrating." "It was also encouraging to hear President Trump set the agenda moving forward. Much of the President's vision for future action opens the door to real bipartisan solutions if Sherrod Brown and his Democrat colleagues are willing to abandon their failed strategy of obstruction and put Americans first. Securing our border, tackling the opioid crisis, and rebuilding our depleted military and crumbling infrastructure are not political battles, they are actions we must take together to ensure the safety of all Americans."  Read More

Looking for a place to watch the State of the Union?

Are you planning to watch President Trump's first State of the Union Address? If so, please see the list of our watch parties below and sign-up if you'd like to watch with fellow Republicans!  President Trump is expected to discuss the record-setting accomplishments of his first year, how Republican policies are lifting all Americans, and how these policies are setting a foundation to build a safe, strong and proud America. Don't forget to share your thoughts on social media using #SOTU and #LeadRight! We'll keep an eye out and share our favorites. State of the Union watch parties: Belmont County Bowling Green Cortland Hamilton County Kent Mahoning County Miami University Ohio State University Preble County Vinton CountyWright State We hope you can make it! Read More

Starbucks for Sherrod

Today news broke that Starbucks will boost wages and benefits for their workers thanks to tax reform. This follows similar announcements from companies like Apple, JPMorgan Chase, Disney and Verizon. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is a major opponent of tax reform and claimed that companies would not use the benefits from a lower corporate tax rate to increase wages and create jobs. Watch here: Since this spectacle, more than 2.6 million Americans have received pay raises and hundreds of companies have announced expansions, repatriation, and/or more job creation. Clearly Sherrod Brown was wrong, but you won't hear that from him.  After Starbucks made headlines this morning we knew Sherrod Brown's staff would be exhausted from spinning this news as anything but a success story, so we brought them coffee: As companies continue to invest in workers and America, Sherrod Brown will regret his opposition to tax reform, but voters will not forget. Read More

Chairman's Update 1/21

Dear friend - On Friday, Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown went back on a month's worth of talking points, during which he exhaustively cited the need to fully fund the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for five years. Brown also called for his own defeat after claiming - "those who advocate for shutdowns should be defeated in their races, frankly," - and then voting for the Schumer Shutdown. Brown showed Ohioans his true colors. He spent a month scoring political points off of advocating for healthcare for poor children, and then voted to take it away from nearly a quarter million children in Ohio, and nearly 9,000,000 nationwide. This is despicable. The Democrat claim that this shutdown could fall on the shoulders of Republicans is laughable. First, it takes 60 votes to pass legislation in the Senate and Republicans currently have 51 votes. That means Democrats have to join us to pass a funding bill. Five democrats did. Sherrod Brown spent the week saying shutdowns are "idiotic," but then fell in line with his party boss, Chuck Schumer. This flip flop comes just weeks after saying this. Next, to vote against a bill, you would expect the Senator to disagree with something in the bill. This Republican bill included language to fund our military and to fund CHIP for six years. Unless the Democrats are against funding the military, there was nothing in the bill that they opposed. Sherrod Brown certainly didn't oppose anything in the bill, especially after tweeting his support for the military.  So why oppose it?  Democrats claim it's because an approval of DACA was not included. However, there was not a deadline on DACA like there was on CHIP. In fact, DACA doesn't expire until March 5. President Trump and Republicans have been vocal about their terms for a deal on DACA. We want to regularize Dreamers, but we must fund increased border security measures, end chain migration and get rid the absurd visa lottery system. We must transform our broken immigration system into a merit-based immigration system. Dreamers were brought to our country illegally by their families, but through no fault of their own. Most Dreamers are productive members of society who should stay, but some put a strain on society through crime. MS-13 is a terrorist organization, which is fueling our state's opioid epidemic. Their members should be deported and deterred from coming back through increased border security.   This is a fair deal, but Democrats refuse to take it. They are demanding a clean DACA bill with no changes to our broken immigration system.  The Democrats are essentially holding the government, CHIP and military funding hostage for an unrelated immigration issue. Chuck Schumer once said this would cause, "governmental chaos:" Ohio voters will not forget that Sherrod Brown put the healthcare of nearly a quarter million Ohio children at risk in an attempt to score political points.  Have a great week, Jane M. Timken Chairman, {{ }} Portman Votes to Keep Government Open and Provide Long-Term Funding for Children’s Health Insurance Program On Friday, Portman voted to keep the government open and provide six years of certainty and stability to the 8.9 American children enrolled in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Portman issued the following statement after the vote: “Tonight I voted to keep the government open and provide long-term funding for the CHIP program. There’s nothing in this short-term funding bill that either party opposes, and no one benefits from a shutdown. We should end government shutdowns for good, and that’s why I have introduced legislation called the End Government Shutdowns Act to avoid these types of unnecessary disruptions that ultimately hurt our economy, hurt families, and hurt our troops. Shutdowns are unnecessary and counter-productive, and I would hope Democrats reconsider their opposition to this non-controversial, short-term funding bill and work with us to keep the government running.” Congressman Steve Stivers Discusses 2018 Midterms with Dana Perino Congressman Dave Joyce Signals House in Process of Releasing FISA Abuses Memo Rep. Dave Joyce, a Republican from Ohio, declared Saturday that the House Intelligence Committee "plans to begin" the release of the memo that allegedly contains revelations about U.S. government surveillance abuses. His tweet is promising for dozens of conservatives who have rallied in recent days for the four-page memo to be made available to the general public. They suggest it contains evidence that the Obama administration used FISA warrants to spy on both the Trump campaign and transition team — charges Obama officials have long denied. Read more here. Ohio Senate Summons Supreme Court Justice to Explain Partisan Campaign Activity The Ohio Senate this past week passed a resolution summoning Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill to appear before the legislature to explain his decision to campaign for a statewide partisan office while remaining an active member of the court. O’Neill has actively campaigned for the Democratic nomination for Governor since October 2017. “We do not do this lightly,” said Senate President Larry Obhof. “This procedure, while rare, is a necessary safeguard to protect the integrity of the courts. We are aware of no other example in Ohio history where a justice engaged in such partisan activities for such an extended length of time.”    Partisan campaigning is widely viewed as inconsistent with the role of judges, who must remain fair and impartial to all who come before them.   Read more here. Ohio House Swears in Two New Members On Wednesday, the Ohio House of Representatives welcomed two new members filling vacancies that have opened up over the past few months. Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) and Riordan McClain (R-Upper Sandusky) were each unanimously selected by a screening committee and voted in by the majority Republican caucus. Hoops is currently the Associate Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Northwest State Community College and previously served in the Ohio House from 1999 to 2006. A 1977 graduate of Patrick Henry High School, Hoops also previously served as Henry County Auditor from 1985 to 1998. He and his wife, Deb, live in Napoleon.   McClain completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bluffton University and went on to earn an MBA from the University of Findlay. Currently working as the Director of Finance and Customer Service at Doc Investments LLC, McClain has more than ten years of experience in management and finance in the private sector. McClain and his wife Sarah have been married for ten years and have three children together.   For more information on these new members, please check out the House GOP caucus blog at Read More

Sherrod Brown Flip Flops on CHIP, Joins Schumer Shutdown

After weeks of calling on Congress to pass long-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Sherrod Brown has flip flopped to fall in line with the Schumer Shutdown. Despite his speech on the Senate floor, radio interview and tweets to the contrary, Sherrod Brown's decision today will put CHIP at risk: "Since voting no on last month's Continuing Resolution, Sherrod Brown has spent his time tweeting and talking about the need for long-term CHIP funding," ORP Spokesman Blaine Kelly said. "Even today he is using the same rhetoric, yet also said he will not vote for the Republican plan that extends CHIP funding for six years. This is a flip flop beyond belief, and puts the health insurance of nearly a quarter million Ohio children at risk. If Sherrod Brown really wants to fund CHIP he will abandon the Schumer Shutdown and vote yes." Brown's flip flop isn't only on CHIP, but on government shutdowns altogether. Listen to Brown's radio interview yesterday, when he called shutdowns "idiotic," and claimed "people that threaten shutdowns should be defeated in their elections." Ohio voters will not forget that Sherrod Brown voted for the Schumer Shutdown in November. Read More