LAUNCH: Buckeye Battalion Mobilizes to Elect President Trump, Bernie Moreno, and Republicans Up and Down the Ballot in Ohio

COLUMBUS—Following a strong Statewide Call to Action over the weekend, the Ohio Republican Party is formally deploying the “Buckeye Battalion,” an all-encompassing, coordinated field effort by the Ohio Republican Party, local Republican organizations and candidates across Ohio to support Donald Trump, Bernie Moreno, and Republicans up and down the ballot in November.

“Following the March Primary Election, the Ohio Republican Party called for unity within our ranks and clearly outlined our major priorities,” said Chairman Alex Triantafilou. “Now it is time to take our unified front and unparalleled enthusiasm a step further to ensure all of our campaign efforts are effectively and efficiently helping candidates up and down the ballot.”

In 2020, the Party’s coordinated effort helped turn out more votes for President Trump than any candidate has received in state history—over 3.1 million votes. In order to defeat Sherrod Brown, the Buckeye Battalion will be doubling their efforts to grow our ranks ahead of the November 5th election.

“I was blown away by the enthusiasm we saw during our call to action this weekend, and we look forward to growing the Buckeye Battalion ranks and turning out the vote in every county across Ohio on November 5th,” added Triantafilou.

In 2024, the Buckeye Battalion’s volunteers and grassroots leaders will work side-by-side, and in conjunction with, Trump Force 47 and Team Moreno to engage in a highly-targeted effort to deliver Republican votes for the entire Republican ticket this November.

For those looking to get involved and join the Buckeye Battalion, visit