LTE: Dispatch Editorial Disrespects Lawmakers, Ignores the Merits of Issue 1

DEAR EDITOR: The Columbus Dispatch’s recent editorial regarding the August 8 Special Election is a repugnant perversion of Issue 1.

Rather than discuss the merits of the issue on its face, they mislead their readers on the facts and resort to calling the Ohio General Assembly names in a manner that is highly disrespectful to both our trusted lawmakers and the Ohioans they represent.

They use words like “insincere,” “hypocrites,” and “dictators,” while printing unfettered hyperbole that plays directly into far-left special interests’ talking points.

Issue 1 does not “kill a 111-year-old right.” That is patently false, and they know it. It preserves the ability for citizens to amend the Ohio Constitution, while ensuring changes are widely popular and in the best interest of the vast majority of Ohioans by garnering at least 60% support. It ensures voters in all 88 counties have a voice in what statewide issues are on the ballot. It ensures the rules are followed when collecting signatures.

The policy issues they describe are rightly debated and should be governed by the state’s primary policy document—the Ohio Revised Code. Issue 1 does absolutely nothing to change citizens’ role in determining our state laws via initiated statute, referendum or typical legislation.

Ohio’s Constitution is a foundational document meant to secure individual liberties and establish our form of government. This elevated document absolutely should have an elevated standard to amend. The Dispatch Editorial Board knows this, but appear too blinded by the tactics of the left to care. Ohio’s Constitution is not for sale, and Ohioans will turn out in droves to vote yes on August 8.

Alex Triantafilou is Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party

Submitted to the Columbus Dispatch on 5/30/2023.