Ohio GOP Applauds House Action to Protect Ohio’s Constitution

COLUMBUS—Today, the Ohio House of Representatives held a crucial vote on Senate Joint Resolution 2 which aims to defend Ohio’s Constitution by creating a higher voting threshold for citizen led and legislatively proposed constitutional amendments.

“Speaker Jason Stephens, President Matt Huffman, and other members have done a tremendous job navigating this difficult issue, and I applaud their strong leadership,” said Chairman Alex Triantafilou. “The Ohio Constitution is a foundational document that should absolutely have a higher threshold to amend, and I am confident Ohio voters will agree in August.”

During a meeting of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee on May 5, 2023, the committee unanimously voted to pass a resolution urging the House to bring SJR 2 to the floor for a vote—and for the issue to be taken up by Ohio voters during an August special election.