Ohio Republican Party Statement on OH Dems Circus Tour

COLUMUS—This week, the Ohio Democrat Party announced their latest circus act as they drive around the Buckeye State to try to deflect attention from Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown’s failed policies that are crushing everyday Ohioans.

“Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown have lied about everything from inflation to the border ever since the start of this disastrous administration. The reality is, when good Ohio jobs were being shipped overseas under the leadership of Sherrod Brown, Bernie Moreno was building a successful business and creating good jobs for Ohio families. Ohioans see this latest circus act for what it is.”—Chairman Alex Triantafilou, Ohio Republican Party

Sherrod Brown previously stated that, “Joe Biden’s politics now are not much different from mine.” If the Ohio Democrats want to hold a press conference, they need to be answering for:

  1. Why they support blue-collar workers paying off the student loans of college students
  2. Why they supported Joe Biden’s open-border policies and called President Trump’s strong policies on the border a “stupid vanity project.”
  3. Why they endorsed failed “Bidenomics”
  4. Why they helped Joe Biden lie about the misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act” which was actually just a big government spending boondoggle
  5. Why they are on board with Joe Biden’s radical EV mandates that are crushing Ohio autoworkers.
However, don’t expect to hear much about Joe Biden from Ohio Democrats moving forward. Sherrod Brown will do anything in an election year to run from his failed record.

Bottom Line: The next time OH Dems want to parade around the state, it should be to address the failed policies forced on Ohioans by their out-of-touch party.