Press Release: ORP Slams Schroder as Poor Choice for OH-01

Columbus, Ohio
Wednesday April 29, 2020
ORP Condemns Socialist Tendencies of Ohio Democrat 
Kate Schroder
Liberal Candidate’s Sanders-Inspired Policies Will Bankrupt Ohio


Columbus – Socialist Schroder clinched the Democrat Party nomination for Congress in Ohio’s first congressional district on Tuesday. Schroder not only supports the Green New Deal, put forward by self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but also went so far as to claim at multiple forums that “all these other issues we are talking about are not going to matter.”


Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Rob Secaur said, “The Green New Deal will upend the economy, eliminate millions of jobs, and cost $93 trillion over ten years. It’s clear Schroder wants to be inducted into the elitist D.C. socialist squad by supporting these types of policies while also blatantly suggesting other issues don’t matter. As someone running for Congress, she should know what issues matter to Ohioans – and the Green New Deal is not one of them.”


Secaur continued, “Not only does Schroder support the Green New Deal, but she also supports a radical government takeover of our healthcare system. For a self-professed medical ‘expert’ like Schroder to think that the best remedy to the current crisis is to throw millions of families off of their private health insurance demonstrates a vision fundamentally wrong for Ohio.”