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Mike DeWine's Actions Deliver Justice for Rape Victims

Mike DeWine just announced that his office has completed the testing of nearly 14,000 formerly shelved rape kits. As a result, justice has been delivered to victims and rapists have been put behind bars. This is yet another example why we need to elect Mike DeWine as our next Governor. One of DeWine's potential Democrat opponents, Richard Cordray, was Ohio's Attorney General when these kits were piling up and rapists were running free.  Read More

Will Richard Cordray Continue to Embrace Radical Leftist Keith Ellison?

Richard Cordray’s ties to DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has raised new questions surrounding his gubernatorial campaign in Ohio. A new report shows that Ellison recently attended a private dinner with radical Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Iranian dictator Hassan Rouhani in 2013. Read More

ORP Endorsed Mike DeWine for Governor

OHIO REPUBLICAN PARTY ENDORSES MIKE DEWINE FOR GOVERNOR FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 9, 2018 COLUMBUS – Today, the elected leaders of the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee voted overwhelmingly to endorse Mike DeWine for governor. Read More

Sherrod Brown Voted Against You

When Nancy Pelosi says tax reform bonuses are nothing but “crumbs,” Sherrod Brown nods in agreement. However, if you ask Ohio workers, they'll likely disagree. Read More

Kathleen Clyde puts dollars over domestic abuse

A recent fundraiser for Democrat Kathleen Clyde was hosted by a man with a domestic violence conviction. Louis Giavasis, who currently serves as the Stark County Clerk of Courts, was convicted of domestic violence in 1995. Why did Kathleen Clyde allow a convicted domestic abuser to host a fundraiser for her? Will she give Louis Giavasis' money back and denounce him? Read More

Shifty Sherrod Brown slanders the White House

Less than a week after appearing on Fox News to claim he wants to work with the White House, Sherrod Brown slandered the White House on CNN. “Sherrod Brown’s comments over the weekend were disgusting and prove that he cares more about making his far-left donors happy than the truth," Ohio Republican Party spokesman Blaine Kelly said. "Ohioans overwhelmingly supported President Trump last year, and Sherrod Brown would be wise to start listening to his constituents instead of the liberal elites in California.” Read More