Republicans Stand with Law Enforcement and Israel, Democrats Cave to the Radical Left

COLUMBUS—This week, countless news stories are running across the country about the growing tensions on college campuses between pro-Hamas protestors and law enforcement officers who are trying to maintain campus security and enforce campus policies.

Right here on Ohio State’s campus, protestors were heard shouting “CPD, KKK, IDF, they’re all the same,” referring to the Columbus police, the Ku Klux Klan and the Israeli Defense Forces.

Despite what is clearly growing antisemitism among these protestors, Sherrod Brown has chosen to abandon Israel, even causing Israel to rebuke him for “equating them with Hamas.”

Even after that, Sherrod still has not learned that Ohioans stand strongly with Israel, and his weakness on the issue is an embarrassment for a U.S. Senator from Ohio.

On the other hand, U.S. Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno has been unwavering, calling for law and order on our campuses immediately, not continued mass chaos. Ohio voters are taking notice on who is willing to fight for our Ohio values.

In December 2023, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee passed a resolution that, in part, stated, “the Ohio Republican Party unequivocally condemns antisemitism in all of its forms, including, but not limited to, on U.S. college campuses, among some members of Congress in the Democrat Party, and among any hate group that targets the Jewish people.”