Shady Sherrod Can’t Be Trusted

COLUMBUS—Since day one of the failed Biden Administration, Shady Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden have shamelessly lied to the American people about the state of the border, economy, and just about every other disaster they have caused.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Sherrod Brown over the years. His playbook is simple—​fight for the priorities of the far-left special interests in Washington until two years before he has to face Ohio voters, then do a sharp swing to the middle.

  • Sherrod Brown promised to reject corporate PAC money when he ran for President, but quickly changed course when he dropped out.
  • Sherrod Brown lied when he said we are seeing “lower costs” in 2023. Prices under he and Joe Biden’s failed leadership are UP 20%.
  • Sherrod Brown gaslights energy workers by wearing a “canary in the coal mine” pin, when it is clear he and Joe Biden want to put every single coal plant out of business.
  • In 2018, Sherrod Brown said there is “Nothing is more important than keeping Americans safe” when talking about the border. That is laughable considering he has supported Joe Biden’s disastrous border policy and the worst border crisis in history.
  • Not to mention he has not said a word about the many lies Joe Biden tells every day….

Bottom Line: Sherrod Brown has, and always will, put his own political interests ahead of the people of Ohio.

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