Taylor Sappington is an Entitled Child Who Wants Ohioans to Pay his Debts

COLUMBUS—As the fallout from Joe Biden’s disastrous decision to cancel student debt mounts, Taylor Sappington made perhaps the most elitist, out of touch case for student loan forgiveness yet.

He thinks he has “earned” student loan forgiveness and wants taxpayers to pay off HIS debts.

While attempting to seem relatable, this is an incredibly stupid tactic coming from someone who wants to have financial oversight of state funds and hold public officials accountable.

But that doesn’t matter to Democrats who know they are going to lose, because all that matters is tarnishing JD Vance, a Marine Corps veteran who got his start at The Ohio State University on the GI Bill.

Where did the Ohio Democrat Party find this guy? Taylor Sappington is an entitled child, and it is embarrassing that he is telling taxpayers that he believes he has ‘earned’ the right for Ohioans to pay off his debt.”—ORP Spokesman Dan Lusheck