Tim Ryan will Say AnYtHiNg to Get Ahead

COLUMBUS—Lyin’ Tim Ryan will say absolutely anything to find his next job. Fortunately for Ohio workers, he crashed and burned in his bid for President, Speaker, and eye at Governor.

Unfortunately for Ohio workers, despite his pro-worker rhetoric at home, he has caved and voted with Joe Biden’s failed policies 100% of the time since Biden took office. In fact, Ryan changes his tune on just about every issue over his 20-years in office.

“Lyin’ Tim Ryan betrayed Ohio workers long ago to gain favor with Washington Democrats, and now as he runs for U.S. Senate it’s laughable to watch him hide his 20-year voting record supporting Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.”—Chairman Bob Paduchik, Ohio Republican Party

Most recently, he began parroting his latest talking point that he opposes Joe Biden on tariffs, and “agreed with Trump on trade.” That’s bizarre.

During the 2020 Democratic Primary, Ryan called Trump’s tariffs “abominable” and said they should be “revised immediately.”

Ohio voters are learning what workers in the Mahoning Valley discovered long ago—that fake Tim Ryan is a spineless career politician who sways wherever the political winds blow.

“Tim Ryan conveniently forgets he bashed Trump’s tariffs just a few years ago. Ryan is a professional political posturer and complete fraud who has flip flopped and let Ohio workers down for the 20 years he has been in office. He never has, and never will, advocate for Ohio families and American manufacturing, and that’s why we need JD Vance working for us in the U.S. Senate.”—Tom McCabe, Mahoning County GOP Chairman