Will Richard Cordray Continue to Embrace Radical Leftist Keith Ellison??

Richard Cordray’s ties to DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison has raised new questions surrounding his gubernatorial campaign in Ohio. A new report showsthat Ellison recently attended a private dinner with radical Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Iranian dictator Hassan Rouhani in 2013.

For years, anti-bigotry organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center have called out Farrakhan for being racist and anti-Semitic, specifically citing his praise of Adolf Hitler, his obsession with Jews, and his belief that white people are subhumans created by an ancient African scientist.

Rouhani has served as president of a hostile anti-American regime in Iran since 2013 that has pursued a nuclear weapons program while threatening to wipe Israel “off the map.”

In spite of this, Ellison eagerly decided to meet with both men. This raises an important question for Cordray: In light of his alarming reported ties to a known anti-Semite, as well as an Iranian dictator, will Cordray accept Ellison’s support on the campaign trail?

While at the CFPB, Cordray met with Ellison on multiple occasions. Then, when Cordray resigned from his position in November, Ellison was one of the first to laud his candidacy.

With Ellison’s role as second-in-command of the DNC for the 2018 election cycle, he is poised to take a prominent role in the party’s efforts to support candidates like Cordray.  

Ohio voters deserve to know if Cordray supports Ellison’s radical views.