3 Questions for President Biden During his Visit to Ohio

ORP Communications Director Tricia McLaughlin Asks President Biden the Following Questions During his Visit to Ohio
  1. What happened to the candidate Joe Biden that promised to ‘heal the nation’ with bipartisan reform? While running for President, Joe Biden promised to “heal the nation” and reach across the aisle for bipartisan cooperation. Instead, in just two months in office the Biden-Harris Administration has taken unprecedented Executive Action on far left policies, seemingly endorsed the end of the Senate filibuster, and forced through a $1.9 trillion party-line funding package that bails out misgoverned Democrat-run cities.
  2. Why does less than 10% of the Biden-Harris Administration’s $1.9 trillion ‘relief’ bill go toward public health and combating COVID-19? How does spending billons of dollars on unrelated initiatives, including $600 million to erase San Francisco’s budget deficit and $86 billion going to poorly managed blue state pension funds, make the American people materially safer or economically secure?
  3. Why is President Biden going on a publicity tour in Ohio instead of surveying the humanitarian crisis at our nation’s Southern Border? The Biden-Harris open-border policies have incentivized the flood of migrants, including vulnerable unaccompanied children, to our Southern border. This is a self-inflicted crisis.