About Our Party


This is a great time to be an Ohio Republican.

Ohio Republicans currently serve in every major statewide office including Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Auditor and Attorney General. Republicans have a majority in the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate. We have a six to one majority on the Ohio Supreme Court and we are well-represented by Republicans in the U.S. Senate and Congress, not to mention the thousands of local county and municipal offices in Republican hands throughout our great state.

We’re making great strides to bring our state back from the brink of disaster. Ohio Republicans are establishing a jobs-friendly environment that is putting paychecks – instead of government checks – into the hands of thousands more Ohioans than just a few short years ago.

Ohio Republicans are highlighting all that is great about our state: a superior workforce, world-renowned research facilities, a high-class education system, arts, sports, tourism, amusement parks and much, much more.

Ohioans build cars and windmills and jet engines and furniture and tires and we even make Wilson footballs. Ohio is the headquarters to some of the most well known businesses and restaurants in the country. We’re on the cutting edge of oil and natural gas production from huge shale deposits. And we have Republican elected leaders that are getting government out of the way so Ohioans can continue to build these great things and allow more businesses to locate here and employ Ohio families.

We’re doing all of this with an approach to governance that is rooted in a strong history of family values and individual freedoms. Our party will continue to recruit future candidates for elected office that will build upon our current accomplishments and use a common sense approach to keep the Buckeye State great.



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