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From Columbus to Washington, Ohio Republicans are working hard to enact policies that grow our economy, shrink government and protect our freedoms.

We are the party of the working class. We believe that a growing economy gives everyone a chance in life; an opportunity to learn, work, and experience prosperity. With Republicans in the driver’s seat, Ohioans can expect a bright future that is ripe with opportunities to achieve the American Dream.

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A History of Trailblazing Greatness

Jo Ann Davidson

First Female Speaker

Jo Ann Davidson has a lengthy, distinguished career in Ohio Republican politics. Her public service began in 1967 as a member of the Reynoldsburg City Council. Hard work propelled her to the Ohio House of Representatives in 1980. But it was 1995 when her colleagues selected her to lead them as Speaker of the House. Davidson is the first and only woman to ever hold the position in Ohio.

Ken Blackwell

First African American Secretary of State

Ken Blackwell began his career in Ohio politics as a member of the Cincinnati City Council and later as Mayor of Cincinnati beginning in 1979. He has held several positions of national significance including serving as Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights under President George W. Bush. Blackwell returned to Ohio in 1994 where he served as state Treasurer and then Ohio Secretary of State. In 2006, he became the first African American major party candidate to run for the state’s highest office: Governor.

Mary Taylor

First CPA as Auditor of State

When Mary Taylor took office as Ohio Auditor of State in 2007, it was the first time in the agency’s 204 years history that a certified public accountant was elected to the state’s top accounting job. Prior to that, Taylor had served as a Republican member of the Ohio General Assembly and on city council in her hometown of Green.

Nancy Hollister

First Female Ohio Governor

Nancy Hollister is the first and only woman to serve as Ohio Governor. Her career in public service began in 1980 as a member of the Marietta City Council until being elected Mayor of Marietta just four years later. After serving as director of the Governor’s Office of Appalachia, Hollister joined Governor George Voinovich’s reelection campaign and served as Lt. Governor until she was appointed Governor to complete the remaining 11 days of the Voinovich’s term.

Betty Montgomery

First Female Ohio Attorney General and Auditor of State

Betty Montgomery earned a reputation as a tough litigator when she served as the Wood County Prosecutor beginning in 1980. That position would help propel her into the Ohio Senate. In 1994, she became the first Republican in 24 years and the first woman ever to serve as Ohio Attorney General. Just eight years later, Montgomery became the first ever female Auditor of State.

Jennette Bradley

First African American Columbus City Councilmember, First Female African American Statewide Officeholder

After serving a decade as a member of the Columbus City Council and the first African American female to serve in the position, Gov. Bob Taft selected Jennette Bradley to join his reelection campaign in 2002. Following a victorious campaign, Bradley took office a year later and is the first African American to ever serve as Ohio Lt. Gov. and the first African American ever elected to a statewide office in Ohio.

George Washington Williams

First African American member of the Ohio General Assembly

George Washington Williams joined the Union Army at the age of 14 under a made-up name and fought in the American Civil War. Later, Williams and his family settled in Ohio, near Cincinnati. He would then run for and win a seat in the Ohio House of Representatives. He is the first African American to serve in the Ohio legislature.

William Howard Taft

First U.S. President to Serve as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

William Howard Taft is one of eight U.S. Presidents to be elected from Ohio, all of whom were Republicans. But Taft’s interest was primarily in the Judicial Branch of government. He served as county prosecutor in Hamilton County and later was appointed to the Superior Court of Cincinnati. Seven years after serving as President, Taft was appointed to Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court where he served until his death in 1930. He is the only person to ever serve as both President and Chief Justice.

Jane Murphy Timken

First Female Chairman

Jane Timken is the first woman ever to be elected as Chairman of a major party in Ohio. She started her political career as the Vice-Chair of the Stark County Republican Party and was eventually elected to be Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party in January of 2017. During her tenure as Chairman she oversaw Republican victories for a complete slate of state-wide candidates, expansions in the Republican supermajorities at the statehouse, and a successful Presidential re-election in Ohio.