Amy Cox’s Profanity Laced Rant

COLUMBUS—Ohio Democrats are not shy about using inappropriate, profanity laced language to try to appeal to Ohio voters. In fact, their faux outrage has become downright comical as the election season progresses:
Chairman Paduchik rightfully called failed Mayor Nan Whaley the “profanity candidate” who has no ideas.
But most recently, Democrat candidate Amy Cox, who is running for the Ohio’s 40th House District, really outdid herself. While apparently trying to appeal to her former students, Cox went on a profanity laced rant on her TikTok, saying things like “nobody f*ckin’ asked you” and oddly declaring that she’s “not a f*ckin square.”
While Ohio Democrats should be embarrassed by the conduct of their candidate, that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to proudly support her.

Bottom Line: Amy Cox may be a raving lunatic, but she seems to fall right in line with the rest of the out-of-touch Democrat Party. It’s no wonder Tim Ryan says the Democrat brand is radioactive.