California Regulations are Killing Ohio Auto Jobs

COLUMBUS—Democrats like Sherrod Brown and Marcy Kaptur have made it abundantly clear that they are ready to eliminate fossil fuels in the pursuit of a utopian green energy society. Their far-left buddies in California already want to move to 100% new zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035, but their actions have consequences.

Now, the California regulations are having a direct impact on workers right here in the Buckeye State:

Jeep workers also received a robocall from the company: “This action also is necessary to help the company manage sales of the vehicles we build to comply with California emissions regulation that are measured on a state-by-state basis,” it said, in part. “Unfortunately, this change will result in job losses … We know this is difficult news to hear.”

Now we know Brown and Kaptur will try to save face and pretend to care about Toledo workers, but the consequences of their party’s green energy agenda is certainly no surprise. Kaptur once said, “The Green New Deal sets parameters, let’s hope we can reach them,” and now she will have to look her constituents in the eye and explain why Democrats’ far-left policies are more important than their jobs.

Bottom Line: Green energy grifters like Sherrod Brown and Marcy Kaptur do not care if California regulations are sacrificing working Ohioans in the name of the climate cult. If it were up to them, they would do the same here in Ohio.