Chairman Bob Paduchik Statement on Tim Ryan’s Bid for U.S. Senate

COLUMBUS, OH— Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Paduchik issued the following statement on Tim Ryan’s announcement he is running for U.S. Senate:

“For years, Tim Ryan has tried to pass himself off as a champion for the working class. Sadly, his support of job killing policies show he is just another fast-talking politician looking for a bigger job.

“Mr. Ryan himself says he is in ‘lockstep’ with progressives on open border policies, supports the job-crushing Green New Deal, and  has been a vocal proponent of the Biden-Harris $2 trillion ‘infrastructure’ plan, of which just 7 percent goes to actual infrastructure.

“Mr. Ryan’s support of radical left-wing policies do not represent the values of Ohio’s working men and women. Ohioans won’t buy this charade.”