Chairman Paduchik Statement on Justice Brunner’s Refusal to Address Her Serious Conflicts of Interest

COLUMBUS, OH—Chairman Bob Paduchik issued the following statement on Justice Jennifer Brunner’s refusal to address her conflicts of interest in Ohio’s redistricting cases:

“It has been one week since the Ohio Republican Party exposed Justice Brunner’s significant conflicts that disqualify her ability to be impartial in hearing Ohio redistricting cases. Justice Brunner has thus far refused to recuse herself or explain how she can fairly preside over redistricting cases given her close relationships with litigants in all three lawsuits.

“Ohio residents deserve an impartial constitutional review of the newly drawn legislative districts, and Justice Brunner is incapable of providing a fair opinion. We will continue to hold Justice Brunner accountable until she recuses herself or justifies to Ohio voters how she can maintain impartiality in redistricting cases.”

  • Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was the VIP guest at a 2020 fundraiser for Jennifer Brunner’s campaign for Ohio Supreme Court. Holder is chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, a plaintiff in the second lawsuit suit.
  • The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund in a 2020 endorsement of Brunner, stated “Judge Brunner is committed to defending our democracy and upholding a fair redistricting process when new legislative and political boundaries are drawn.” The OECAF parent organization, Ohio Environmental Council, is plaintiff in the third lawsuit.
  • Brunner launched the Ohio Redistricting Competition with League of Women Voters of Ohio and Common Cause Ohio. League of Women Voters is a plaintiff in the first lawsuit, while Common Cause did the bidding of Democrats throughout the redistricting process. Additionally, Brunner has recruited volunteers to support League of Women Voters activities.