Chairman’s Update 12/06/20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

The Georgia Senate runoff elections will take place in just under one month. It is critical that the people of Georgia re-elect Senators Loeffler and Perdue. If they don’t, and we lose our conservative majority in the Senate, we can expect Democrats to defund the police, raise taxes, pack the courts, and radically take over our health care system. President Trump visited Georgia just yesterday to show his support and to help them hold the line.
We can continue to fight for free and fair elections and support President Trump while also showing up for our friends in Georgia. There is still time to help, and if you are interested in helping us win these two very important Senate races, you can Volunteer Here! 


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


60 Portman Bills Have Been Signed Into Law by President Trump

Last week, President Trump signed into law Portman’s bipartisan Information Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act , bringing the total number of laws authored or co-authored by Senator Portman in this administration to 60. After getting 68 bills signed into law during his tenure with the Obama administration, yesterday’s bill signing is just the latest in a long line of accomplishments Portman had delivered for Ohio and the country over the last four years in working with the Trump administration.

Here are some highlights of the 60 Portman bills that have been signed into law by President Trump:

  • Building a Strong Economy. In 2017, Portman helped craft the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which reformed the tax code and led to economic growth and job creation across the country. The law included his Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform ActStop Taxing Death & Disability ActSeniors Tax Hike Prevention Act, as well as various amendments authored by Portman including one to protect small startup businesses’ ability to employ nonqualified deferred compensation programs for millions of employees and retirees.
  • Helping Americans Save for Retirement. In 2019, Portman championed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act which became law as a part of the final FY 2020 funding bill. The SECURE Act included reforms sponsored by Portman designed to help more Americans save for their retirement. The SECURE Act also included Portman’s Retirement Security Preservation Act, to reform pension nondiscrimination laws which prevented more than 400,000 Americans from having their pensions frozen in January 2020. Additional provisions in the bipartisan Retirement Security & Savings Act, which Portman introduced with Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), were also included in the SECURE Act.
  • Protecting Taxpayers. In 2019, the Taxpayer First Actbipartisan IRS reform legislation, was signed into law and included a number of Portman legislative priorities from his bipartisan Protecting Taxpayers Act including provisions that established an Independent Office of Appeals, strengthened taxpayers’ right to an appeal, and preserved the IRS Oversight Board.
  • Addressing Addiction Epidemic. In 2018, President Trump signed into law the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act which included Portman’s bipartisan Synthetics Trafficking & Overdose Protection (STOP) Act to help stop fentanyl and other synthetic opioids from entering our communities via the postal system. In 2019, Portman’s bipartisan Combating Meth & Cocaine Act was signed into law, giving states more flexibility to use federal opioid funding to address the resurgence of psychostimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine.
  • Combating Online Sex Trafficking. In 2018, the president signed into law Portman’s bipartisan Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, which holds accountable websites that knowingly facilitate the trafficking of women and children online and ensure that victims of sex trafficking can get the justice they deserve.
  • Securing Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations. In 2020, Portman’s bipartisan Protecting Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations From Terrorism Act authorized $75 million annually for FYs 2020-2024 for the Department of Homeland Security’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), which provides grants to nonprofits and faith-based organizations to help secure their facilities against a potential terrorist attack was signed into law. While the bill authorizes $75 million annually for the program for the next five years, Portman joined his bipartisan colleagues in December 2019 in successfully championing the request fund the program at $90 million in the final FY 2020 appropriations agreement.
  • Strengthening Ohio’s Military Installations. In every NDAA under the Trump administration, Portman has led efforts to provide for our men and women in uniform while ensuring Ohio’s military installations have the resources they need to complete their important missions. This has included upgrades and the production of Stryker vehicles and Abrams tanks at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC) in Lima, construction and investments in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and other critical investments around Ohio’s military installations.

DeWine Announces COVID Vaccine Rollout

On Friday, Governor DeWine announced details for Ohio’s first phase of vaccine distribution that is expected to begin on or around December 15.

During Phase 1, vaccine supply will be limited, and Ohio will focus on vaccinating those who wish to be vaccinated in the critical Phase 1A groups outlined below.

Vaccine Plan

The federal government has advised that the Ohio Department of Health will not know the exact number of vaccines that will be shipped to Ohio until closer to each shipment date. The current shipment figures, which are subject to change, are as follows:

  • On or around December 15, a shipment from Pfizer will include 9,750 vaccines for Ohio’s prepositioned hospital sites. An additional 88,725 vaccines will go to Walgreens and CVS for congregate care settings.
  • On or around December 22, a shipment of 201,000 vaccines is expected from Moderna. These vaccines will go to 98 hospitals for vaccination of those who are exposed to COVID patients and to 108 health departments to vaccinate other frontline workers such as those working in emergency medical services.
  • On or around December 22, another shipment is also expected from Pfizer. The tentative number of vaccines in this shipment is 123,000. These vaccines will go to Walgreens and CVS for vaccination of those in congregate care settings.
  • A few days later, Ohio expects another 148,000 vaccines from Pfizer and 89,000 vaccines from Moderna.

These vaccines will be the first dose for those in the identified critical groups. A second dose will be delivered and administered in the future. It has not been determined when members of the general public will have the option to receive vaccines. As information becomes available about the next phases of vaccine distribution, it will be made public.

Husted Announces Next Round of TechCred

On Thursday, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the results of the October round of TechCred, which will provide the opportunity for 246 Ohio companies to upskill their current and incoming workforce with tech-focused skills. This round marks a milestone as funding for the program has now been approved for over 15,000 credentials.

“Despite the obstacles created by COVID-19, we continue to see great results coming out of the TechCred program. It is helping employers and employees adapt and prevail during very difficult economic conditions,” said Lt. Governor Husted. “This marks another milestone in upskilling opportunities that will help Ohioans earn the tech-focused skills needed to succeed in the changing workplace.”

The next TechCred application period opens Monday, January 4th and closes January 29th at 3:00 p.m. Learn more at


Yost Highlights New Cold Case Unit

Attorney General Dave Yost highlighted his office’s new Cold Case Unit last week in an interview with The Cincinnati Enquirer. The unit, which is part of Yost’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation, has investigators from a variety of backgrounds, including forensics and intelligence, focused on assisting departments across the state crack cold cases.

“Either everybody counts or nobody counts,” Yost said about the new unit. “If it was your son or daughter that was murdered…you’d want to know that every stone was being turned over. That’s what this unit is about. It’s about turning over every stone…Cases might go stale, but they never get cold. Maybe we should call this the Warming Up Unit.”

The unit is targeting homicide and rape cases, especially cases where evidence can be re-tested using new technology and techniques. It is also focused on assisting small and mid-size departments that are strapped for resources.


LaRose Visits Boards as They Complete Post-Election Audits

Mandatory post-election audits are just another reason why Ohioan’s know that our elections are trustworthy. All of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections will complete these audits by next week to confirm the accuracy of their election.

Secretary LaRose stopped by the Montgomery, Allen and Lucas County Boards of Elections this week to review the great work they are doing to give voters the confidence that every legally cast ballot is accurately counted.

Auditor Faber Talks CARES Funding in St. Clairsville

This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber was in St Clairsville speaking with city and county officials about CARES Act. Auditor Faber has urged local governments to make money available for small businesses and those struggling to make rent. He has taken that message on the road to ensure that Ohio’s small businesses and individuals get the relief that they need.

Sprague Kicks-Off Regional Advisory Board Meetings

This week, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague convened the first meetings of his office’s regional advisory boards. The initiative brings together local leaders and elected officials from Ohio’s various regions to discuss the issues facing their communities and ways the Treasurer’s office may be helpful to them. As part of the discussion, personnel from the Treasurer’s office provided updates on investment and existing office programs.