Chairman’s Update – 2/12/2024

I hope everyone had the opportunity to enjoy Superbowl Sunday with friends and family. In my mind, the end of the NFL season is always a good indicator that we will really begin to see the campaign season ramp up, especially with critical races like the U.S. Senate and Presidency on the ballot.

One thing is as clear as ever—Joe Biden is unfit to lead this great nation as Commander-in-Chief. Last week, a bombshell report was released that says Biden “willfully” retained classified documents but won’t be charged because he’s an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

We have known for a long time that Joe Biden does not have the mental acuity to make the important decisions for our country, but this report strongly underscores the need to retire Joe Biden and send President Trump back to the White House.

Biden will also be in Ohio this week to finally get his campaign photo-op in East Palestine, albeit a year late and a dollar short. Despite this half-hearted attempt to save face, this is clearly just another failure from the most divisive president of my lifetime.

As always, I look forward to continuing my travels around Ohio and seeing you on the campaign trail. Thank you for all of the work that has already been done for our GOP candidates, but there is much more to do.

God Bless,

Alex M. Triantafilou
Ohio Republican Party