Chairman’s Update: 2/26/24

This weekend, I was proud to watch President Trump secure another major victory in South Carolina. The idea that President Trump is not going to be our nominee has officially withered on the vine, and it’s time to unite our party.

I’ve long said that President Trump is not a conventional politician. He has great appeal to regular voters, which stands in stark contrast to the decline we are seeing under Joe Biden.

People making an honest living know that Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown’s policies have been a disaster for working families. Buying a family home, used car, and even groceries has become almost unattainable because of rising costs and inflationary spending. In fact, 60% of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck as inflation crushes workers’ wages.

As I travel Ohio, I am reminded of all the reasons we fight so hard for Republicans to succeed in November. At the end of the day, we are a big-tent party that is focused on working-class Ohioans and making their lives better. Sherrod Brown is once again selling his bag of goods to Ohio’s workers, but many families have already caught on to his game.

He rides on the backs of working Ohioans to get him elected, then disappears into the D.C. swamp for five years until it is time to reemerge for an election.

It is long past time to end Sherrod’s fifty-year political career.

God Bless,

Alex M. Triantafilou
Ohio Republican Party