Chairman’s Update 5/17/20

Chairman’s Update

Good Evening,

Yesterday marked 100 days until the Republican National Convention. In just a short time, Republicans will visit Charlotte to re-nominate President Trump. The president has delivered on his campaign promises and I am excited for his presidency to continue for another four great years. During President Trump’s time in office, he has passed historic tax cuts, provided resources to fight the opioid epidemic, and passed landmark VA reform. He has proven to be a president for all Americans.

In our own state, Governor DeWine has been a strong leader during a tough time. With certain services reopening last Friday and even more reopening in the coming weeks, I am grateful for the measured response Governor DeWine is taking. I look forward to brighter days ahead.


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


Portman Argues House Democrats’ New Coronavirus Proposal Will Not Help Move Economy Forward

Last week on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Rob Portman discussed how the new COVID-19 response proposal from House Democrats will not help to move the economy forward. Portman believes that Congress should focus on introducing bipartisan legislation that helps get the American economy moving again. He hopes that any additional legislation that Congress puts forward to address the coronavirus pandemic will work to fill the gaps left by the four previous rescue packages while stimulating the economy.

A video can be found here.

Governor DeWine; Lt. Governor Husted Continue Responsible RestartOhio Opening Announcements

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced additional sectors opening under Responsible RestartOhio:

  • Beginning Thursday, May 21, campgrounds in Ohio will be permitted to reopen if these facilities can meet required safety protocols.
  • Beginning Friday, May 22, horse racing in Ohio will be permitted if these operations can meet required safety protocols. Spectators will not be permitted. This does not apply to casinos and racinos. 
  • Beginning Tuesday, May 26, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) locations in Ohio will be permitted to reopen for certain services if these facilities can meet required safety protocols. Services that can be accomplished online should still be done online. More details on online BMV services can be found at
  • Beginning Tuesday, May 26, gyms and fitness centers in Ohio will be permitted to reopen if these facilities can meet required safety protocols. 
  • Beginning Tuesday, May 26, non-contact and limited contact sports leagues in Ohio will be permitted to operate if these leagues can meet required safety protocols. This applies only to non-contact and limited-contact sports.
  • Beginning Tuesday, May 26, public pools and club pools that are regulated by local health departments in Ohio will be permitted to reopen if these facilities can meet required safety protocols. This does not apply to water parks or amusement parks. 
  • Beginning Sunday, May 31, childcare providers in Ohio will be permitted to reopen if these providers can meet required safety protocols. 
  • The reopening date of May 31 also applies to day camps that can meet required safety protocols. A detailed list of guidelines and best practices for day camps will be available soon at

A full list of mandatory and recommended best practices from are available at 

Lt. Governor Husted Announces Additional Plans to Responsibly Reopen Ohio’s Economy

Lt. Governor Jon Husted last week continued to discuss the responsible reopening of Ohio’s economy in midst of the Coronavirus crisis. By early this week, 89% of the state’s economy will have the ability to reopen, with additional openings planned for sit-down restaurant services and personal services, such as hair salons and barbers. At Governor DeWine’s request, the Lt. Governor has worked with health officials and business leaders to design safe guidelines for operating these businesses so that employees and customers can feel as safe as possible in returning.

Attorney General Dave Yost Observes National Police Week

Attorney General Dave Yost marked National Police Week by joining law enforcement from across the state to kick off Light Ohio Blue, and honor our currently serving peace officers and their families, and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

While we could not gather for the annual Ohio Peace Office Memorial Ceremony, General Yost had a message of remembrance and thanksfor our law enforcement.

“These heroes that we celebrate who have fallen in the line of duty did not become heroes the day they fell,” Yost said. “They became heroes the day they pinned on the badge, the day they chose to take the risks of this job, the day they chose to stand between those that we love and the evil that is in the world.”

LaRose Recommends Election Changes for November

Secretary of State Frank LaRose proposed several changes to ensure a smooth and safe election in November. The plan includes safe in-person voting options and changes to improve voting by mail.
“Now more than ever it’s crucial that we learn from recent experience and make common-sense, informed decisions to assure Ohio is ready for the General Election,” said LaRose. “After all, voting is not just a right and a privilege, it’s a responsibility of citizenship we all share.”
LaRose is working currently with the legislature to ensure the best plan for Ohio voters is put forward.
Keith Faber Talks with Central Ohio Local Governments
This week Auditor of State Keith Faber continued his dialogue with local government officials. Auditor Faber stressed the importance of being ready for the fiscal impact on all government’s budgets and encouraged them to prepare to tighten their belts, doing more with less. The Auditor’s office has been maintaining its current workload, working to hold governments accountable to the taxpayers in this time of crisis.

Treasurer Sprague’s Family Forward Proposal Earns Unanimous Approval in the Ohio House

Last week, the Ohio House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 405, which would establish the Family Forward program within the Ohio Treasurer’s office. Treasurer Sprague unveiled the proposal last November along with state Rep. Jon Cross (R – Kenton), the bill’s legislative sponsor.


Under the plan, prospective parents seeking to adopt may qualify for reduced interest rate loans to help them in managing the expenses associated with the adoption process.


“The Family Forward proposal aims to chip away at the financial stressors families experience when navigating the adoption process,” said Treasurer Sprague. “By working together and seeing this effort through, we can help more families take shape across Ohio. I commend and thank Rep. Cross for taking the lead on this bill, and I applaud members of the Ohio House for advancing this very important initiative.”
The measure has garnered the support of the Ohio Right to Life and various family advocacy groups across Ohio.
Justice Kennedy Gears Up For Summer

When she was not hearing oral arguments or participating in a virtual Bar Admissions Ceremony, Justice Sharon L. Kennedy was engaging with groups and volunteers around the state. Setting her sights to the campaign trail she began the week by dropping door-to-door literature and yard signs to Butler and Greene Counties.

Sharon also had video chat meetings with pastors from Cleveland and Columbus, and the Cleveland American Middle East Organization – covering a wide-array of topics from her upbringing to her rise to Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio to what the campaign trail looks like now. And she finished her week discussing the importance of the upcoming election with the Ohio Young Republicans via zoom.

“I cannot win this race alone,” said Sharon. “I need your help and support. Help those in your community understand how critical judicial races are. Unlike the federal courts where the President, as confirmed by the U.S. Senate appoint judges, in Ohio we elect our judges. Ohioans select and confirm judges, like the President and the U.S. Senate, with their vote. It is our responsibility to ensure the tripartite system of government that was given to us under the United States Constitution flourishes here at home.”

The meeting continued as a conversation with members sharing updates from their respective parts of the state, and reiterating their willingness to help bring Sharon to victory. “Thank you for being Republicans, thank you for believing in America, thank you for believing in me. And, thank you for this opportunity and your help,” she concluded.

Justice French Films PSA to Help Direct Ohioans to Legal Services

Since taking office seven years ago, Justice French has pursued programs and avenues that ensure equal access to Ohio’s judicial system. She is particularly proud of Ohio’s, a pioneering website that answers basic legal questions and provides resources for anyone with a legal question or challenge. It can be a particularly valuable resource for those struggling in the face of Covid-19 issues. While Ohio’s courts work to reopen safely, it’s important that potential litigants know where they can turn to get the help they need. Justice French hopes to spread that message to all Ohioans, but especially those who can’t afford a lawyer.