Choose Your Bernie

COLUMBUS​As Bernie Sanders makes his way to the Buckeye State today, it is a fresh reminder of the close relationship he has with his oldest political ally, Sherrod Brown.​

Sherrod and Bernie both joined the U.S. Senate in 2007 and were in the House for 14 years together before that. Their socialist policies have been a driving force for the far-left wing of their party for decades. One Vox reporter in 2015 described Sherrod as Sanders’ “closest Senate ally,” pointing out that Bernie and Brown agree on “almost literally everything.”

Almost nobody in Ohio wants to see a far-left socialist like Bernie Sanders representing them, but that is exactly what they will continue to get unless we change course. During the 2020 primary, Sherrod said that he and Bernie Sanders are both “full throated” for Joe Biden. Clearly, Biden and Sanders were Sherrod’s two best friends in Washington, and the higher costs and failed policies of the Biden Administration clearly highlight the detriment to Ohio workers.

On the other hand, Bernie Moreno and Donald Trump have a clear vision to put America back on the right track. President Trump was ruthless in prioritizing the working people of Ohio. Moreno has unequivocally stood on the ideal that all public policy priorities in America should revolve around a simple concept: what is good for American workers and families? When elected in November, there is no doubt that he and Donald Trump will deliver on their promises.

Bottom Line: Bernie Moreno and Donald Trump are going to put America First and make our country great again. Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown are far-left socialists who have failed the American worker.