Cleveland Plain Dealer Sets Out to Destroy Trump

Sanctimonious Elitism Disguised as “Truth”

By: Chairman Alex M. Triantafilou, Ohio Republican Party

DEAR EDITOR: President Trump shocked the left-wing establishment when he defeated Hillary Clinton. Nearly every pundit, newsroom, and talking head misread that moment. In doing so, they misread the American people.

In 2024, the lessons are still not learned. Chris Quinn of wrote an opinion piece entitled, “Our Trump reporting upsets some readers, but there aren’t two sides to facts,” where Quinn makes the case that Donald Trump is the modern day equivalent to Adolf Hitler and his newsroom is going to do their part by telling, “the truth about Donald Trump.” This outrageous and offensive hyperbole disregards a majority of Ohio voters who voted for President Trump and will do so again.

Journalists used to have a tremendous responsibility to inform the public. Rather than use that responsibility wisely, they now pick a side because they believe their judgment is sounder and more moral than yours—the voters.

Mr. Quinn has made an editorial decision that sets the baseline for every single news story that comes out of his organization. Their conclusion is that Trump and his supporters are shameless liars and his organization will work to defeat them. No sound journalist would approach their work in this manner.

Submitted to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on 4/1/2024