Comrade Cordray - Communists for Cordray

This is not a joke. The Communist Party USA is targeting Ohio's gubernatorial race in hopes of getting Richard Cordray elected.

In a recent post, the Communists discuss their work to flip the Governor's office from Republican to Democrat. This, they believe, will help "build the base for the Communist Party."

This group also promotes Socialism on its website. Of course, these ideologies have always gone hand in hand. It was Vladimir Lenin who said, "The goal of Socialism is Communism."

As Democrats continue to move further and further left, it's important to remember - Socialism doesn't work! Here's why:

Richard Cordray has promised "free" community college if elected and stated he is open to all suggestions on health care and wants to see "health care for all."As the video above shows, Cordray's plans would require HUGE tax increases. 

"The fact that Richard Cordray's far-left ideas have attracted the Communist Party to his campaign is deeply troubling and he should denounce them," ORP spokesman Blaine Kelly said. "If Richard Cordray is elected and implements his big government policies, Ohio's booming economy will come to a screeching halt and families will be left with less due to massive tax increases." 

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