Cordray Thinks He’s a Baller

Running ads to highlight his nerdiness must not be working out for Richard Cordray. Now he wants you to think he’s cool and plays basketball like Obama. It’s like the campaign is desperately trying to make him relevant and likable.

Even worse for Cordray’s campaign — the latest poll from Baldwin Wallace University showed that 47% of Ohioans still don’t know or have an opinion about him. With early voting beginning in 3 weeks, that’s a bad sign. 


Despite his ugly shot, Cordray really likes basketball. In fact, as Director of the CFPB, he joked that he would have added a basketball court into their new gym, but it would have led to his crucifixion in Washington D.C.


That “joke” came as he was overseeing plans for a $215 million luxury renovation of his rented office building. Not a joke. For perspective, the ongoing renovation of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Quicken Loans Arena will cost $185 million.

“Richard Cordray wants you to think he’s a baller, but the problem is a real baller doesn’t need other people’s money,” said ORP spokesman Blaine Kelly. “Cordray had no regard for our tax dollars as head of the CFPB and would have no regard for them as Governor.”