Democrats Want Zero Restrictions on Abortion

COLUMBUS–Last week, the Ohio Republican Party put out a straw Twitter poll asking which Ohio Democrat will be the first to clearly outline what legal restrictions they believe there should be on abortion.

While the overwhelming majority of respondents clearly understand that Democrats want ZERO restrictions on abortion,  a not-so-close second place went to Sherrod Brown. But we wouldn’t get our hopes up.

Sherrod is already trying to run and hide from the dangerous recreational marijuana amendment, yet he frequently brags about his 100% voting record on anti-life issues.

Brown voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect unborn children from late-term abortion after five months of pregnancy.

Brown has voted to eliminate or prevent protections for children born alive after failed abortions.

Brown has voted to allow tax-dollars to be used for elective abortion.

And the list goes on.

If Brown actually believes there should be any restrictions on abortion, he should clearly say so. However, his record strongly indicates otherwise. At best he might steal Gavin Newsom’s talking points…. Or Nan Whaley’s… or Tim Ryan’s….

Bottom Line: Despite being widely unpopular, it is abundantly clear that Democrat officials and abortion lobbyists want zero restriction on abortion. They tie themselves in knots to avoid even saying that it is wrong to abort a baby in the third trimester of pregnancy. Sherrod Brown should be honest with Ohio— he wants zero legal restrictions on abortion. Issue 1 is an overreach, and no restrictions is exactly what we will get if it passes.