ICYMI… Desperate Democrats Attack Veteran for Helping Veterans

DEAR EDITOR: The recent Democrat attack against Orlando Sonza might be the laziest, most out of touch political attack I have seen in years. Somehow, they’ve concocted a way to go after a West Point graduate and former Army infantry officer for taking a position that allows him to help his fellow veterans. What could be more pathetic than that?

Orlando is a military veteran, earned his master’s degree in taxation from the University of Cincinnati and a law degree from Georgetown Law—but Democrats want you to believe he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Orlando is a tireless and tough individual who absolutely is capable of running for public office while holding a job of great importance.

Unfortunately, I’d expect nothing less than this kind of underhanded narrative from do-nothing Democrats in Hamilton County. Unfortunately, anything to deflect from the unbelievable failures of Democrats in Washington is good enough for them.

A true public servant always seeks new opportunities to give back to the community. Joining the Veterans Service Commission board is simply the latest example of him doing just that. I am confident that many veterans will be better off for his service.

Chairman Alex Triantafilou, Ohio Republican Party