ICYMI… Federal judge tosses lawsuit challenging Ohio’s voter ID law

In case you missed it… Earlier this year, the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio GRANTED a motion for the Ohio Republican Party to intervene against Marc Elias’ lawsuit to undermine House Bill 458, which included commonsense election protections such as requiring photo ID.

Today, those efforts paid off as a federal judge threw out the lawsuit from left-leaning groups challenging a Republican-backed Ohio law requiring voters to show ID at the polls and altering the state’s early-voting times, among other changes.

Ohio GOP Chair Alex Triantafilou, in a statement responding to the order, said, “Election integrity is integral to our system of government, and the Ohio Republican Party will always fight for commonsense measures to secure fair and accurate elections.”

“HB 458 at most requires only a tiny fraction of Ohio voters to modify their voting behavior—and imposes nothing more than minimal burdens to do so,” the Ohio GOP’s motion for summary judgment stated. The motion also asserted that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit “failed to identify even a single voter who was prevented from—or even impeded in—voting in” statewide elections held in May and August last year.

Read the full article in Cleveland.com here: https://www.cleveland.com/news/2024/01/federal-judge-tosses-lawsuit-challenging-ohios-photo-id-law.html