ICYMI… Moreno: By refusing to hold a fair trial, Brown abandons Ohioans

COLUMBUS—This week, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate penned an op-ed blasting Sherrod Brown for his weakness on the border and inability to stand up to the Biden Administration.

Amidst the worst border crisis in American history, Republicans attempted to take a strong stand and finally deliver some accountability to those responsible, impeaching Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejando Mayorkas.

In the article, Moreno states that, “Mr. Brown calls the impeachment articles a ‘distraction’ because he is unwilling to break from the Biden Administration. Impeachment of Mr. Mayorkas is not a “distraction” or “political,” it is a matter of national security and ending the invasion at our southern border.

During President Trump’s impeachment hoax, Democrat Sherrod Brown claimed, “If you still vote to acquit, your name will be tied to his with a cord of steel—and for all of history.” With Mayorkas, Brown refused to even hold a fair trial.

There is no doubt Sherrod’s name and reputation is tied to this unprecedented crisis. Ohio voters are ready to elect President Donald J. Trump and Bernie Moreno so that we can return to the commonsense policies that keep our country safe.

Read the full op-ed below:

By: Bernie Moreno, Candidate for U.S. Senate

Toledo Blade, 4/20/2024

The House of Representatives this week delivered articles of impeachment for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the United States Senate.

Mr. Mayorkas has overseen the worst, most unprecedented border invasion in the history of our nation with 10 million illegal crossings since this administration took office and an influx of fentanyl pouring into our communities.

In addition to the influx of fentanyl pouring over our southern border, this invasion also has deadly consequences. Look at the tragic murder of Laken Riley by an illegal immigrant with a previous record — her death was entirely preventable. And yet, President Biden and Democrats in Congress are more concerned with calling her murderer “undocumented” than securing our border to ensure such a tragedy never happens again.

This invasion was created from Mr. Mayorkas’ complete dereliction of his duty, and also on account of Mr. Biden and (incumbent Ohio Sen.) Sherrod Brown’s reckless reversal — on day one in office — of the effective border policies of the Trump administration that kept our border secure and our nation safe. Mr. Mayorkas, Mr. Biden, and Mr. Brown are all complicit in this invasion, and it happened under their watch.

As the House’s impeachment articles make clear, Mr. Mayorkas has “willfully and systemically” refused to secure our southern border. Mr. Mayorkas claims that the border is secure, but with 10 million illegals in our country and record drug overdoses, he is lying to the American people. Our border is on the verge of being surrendered to the cartels and criminal illegals.

Mr. Brown calls the impeachment articles a “distraction” because he is unwilling to break from the Biden Administration. Impeachment of Mr. Mayorkas is not a “distraction” or “political,” it is a matter of national security and ending the invasion at our southern border.

The open border policies of this administration have driven wages down, and caused the cost of rent, food, and insurance to skyrocket. These misguided policies benefit those who cross our border illegally at the expense of Americans.

It should surprise no Ohioans that our senior senator is opposed to holding Mr. Mayorkas accountable for his negligence on border security. Mr. Brown has voted for amnesty for illegals, protection of sanctuary cities, and against deportations and funding for the border wall. He has rubber-stamped Mr. Biden’s open-border policies every step of the way.

Seventy-eight percent of Americans believe that there is a crisis at our southern border. The American people know that these are serious charges, and thus the Senate is tasked with carrying out its constitutional duty by holding a fair trial to examine the evidence. Instead, Chuck Schumer and his most reliable rubber-stamp dismissed these charges without hearing evidence.

With no trial held, it will be the first time in the history of the Senate that an impeachment charge is dismissed. This dismissal is an unprecedented disgrace to the most deliberative legislative body. Holding a full and fair trial is imperative to betransparent with the American people, and to guarantee accountability.

Failing to hold a trial does a disservice to our nation in the name of partisanship from Democrats, and breaks the standards and traditions of the Senate. The case against Mr. Mayorkas is compelling and deserves to see its day in the Senate without biases.

Alejandro Mayorkas refused to do his duty, and now Senate Democrats like Sherrod Brown are refusing to do theirs. Ohioans deserve better from their senator.

The writer is the Republican nominee for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat on the Nov. 5 ballot against incumbent Democratic Senator Brown.